Codespring MTB Riders_at Maratonul GilauOn Sunday, the 21st of September 2014, Codespring “Superman” team took a ride on the 2nd edition of the “Maratonul Gilău” – the 3rd stage of “Cluj Bike Challenge” 2014. Already known for its impressive riding routes, the MTB competition is an initiative of Clujul Pedalează sports association and it aims at promoting the passion for mountain biking, for outdoor activities and for spending our free time in a healthy way.

Since the MTB challenge was designed for various levels of difficulty and for all ages, Codespring team enrolled both adults and toddlers in the race. Along with our CEO and his family, the team joined the 50 km semi marathon “race” ride, the 15 km “fun” ride and the so much awaited kids’ race. We congratulate the team for the spectacular downhill hunting performed by Jaki, for the determination proven during the ascents, for the technical approach and the energy to quickly recover after the unplanned stunts.

We are also very proud of the mini-Superman team formed of four very courageous bikers: three girls and a boy. They have successfully finished the Kids’ race deployed in the surroundings of Gilău Castle.

About The Superman Idea and the Edge

One of the dominant ideas in developing advanced technologies is to innovate. In other words: to make a break-through, to find the edge of a situation and to go beyond it. On the edge of a mountain, on the edge of a hill, there is always a big step to make. Few manage to ride the edges, to overpass them and to explore the new territory. Nevertheless, it is exactly in new territories that one can develop the new “edge”, the innovation that will lead to a new stage.

The underlying concept of the Superman hidden in each software engineer reveals a specific state of mind where one must be prepared to deal with all variables and if necessary to make the step beyond the edge. As in mountain biking and in any dynamic process momentum has a major importance. The ability to create momentum and to control it can be an energy saver. For that, being receptive and flexible is crucial.

On Receptivity and Flexibility

“The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.”  – stated once John Howard.  Being able to move up and down, forwards and backwards, and side to side while riding your bike no matter what your suspension you have, can bring you to the level of being “one with the bike”. As our Codespring MTB riders explain, you really have to adjust your movement to the type of ground you are about to be riding.

A little bit of foresight, the capacity to make quick decisions, to focus and to control the flow of movements and events are evidence of a receptive and flexible mind. At Codespring, these two qualities are highly appreciated since we see them as essential traits while working on international projects.

As a final note, we compliment once again our “Superman” MTB Rider Team and we hope to see them again riding the edges of the next challenge!