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Our Codespring 2020 Christmas Story

Next week, we are ready to celebrate Christmas at Codespring, the software development company from Transylvania, Romania. Instead of the traditional Codespring Christmas party, in the covid19 context, we are ready to celebrate at home, with our families and close friends. Even if we are apart this year, let’s stay together by creating a beautiful Codespring Christmas story of the software development team.


Join HacKMK v3 – The Virtual Hackathon

Are you in for a virtual hackathon? – Codespring team is happy to announce that one of the best student events that we are usually sponsoring, the HacKMK, is going to be held! Given the general pandemic context, it will occur in the virtual space, and it will be organized by the board of Hungarian students in technology from Cluj Napoca.

Therefore, you are invited to form teams of 2-4 students and sign-up for the virtual event!  Stand up for the challenge! The organizers will outline a few themes to be solved, while you are expected to design potential solutions.


Programming │ Codespring Summer Internship 2020

Programming is at the core of Codespring software development company from Cluj-Napoca, therefore programming is the key topic studied during the Codespring Summer Internship program. Although the general pandemic context in Romania forced everyone to work remotely, we are glad to inform you that we managed to successfully conclude the Codespring Summer Internship for programming skills, in a 100% online format.


Codespring Partner Of The 23rd Transylvanian Students Scientific Conference

April and May 2020 were intense both for students, professors and mentors, but we are now glad to inform you the the 23rd Transylvanian Students Scientific Conference powered by Codespring, the tech brand of SOFTECH from Cluj-Napoca, will be held in a digital format between May 21st and May 23rd! Organized in partnership with the local Babeș-Bolyai University, this scientific conference has multidisciplinary outlook and showcases interesting research and study projects.


Why Outsourcing Software Development in Romania in 2020?

Since February 2020, when all the major technology events scheduled for Q1/Q2 in Europe begun to cancel, we have been answering questions and surveys on why outsourcing software development in Romania is a pertinent solution, and why especially to do it this year. Even if we cannot answer each particular question in an online article, we have summed up our current view on why outsourcing software development in Romania is a safe anchor.


Easter Holidays In Transylvania

Unusual times need unusual approaches. Yet, Easter Holidays are here and we encourage everyone to care for our traditions. Here in the region of Transylvania from Romania, we are at the crossroad of cultures and we enjoy it! Consequently, many families in our region get to celebrate Easter Holidays in two different dates or in both dates. In all cases, we wish you to have a good time with your family and loved ones.


Updates: Codespring Home Office Weeks  

As most IT companies from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Codespring has switched to the home-office or WFH (work-from-home) mode since several weeks. The decision has been made in order to assure everyone’s safety and health, and to support the measures taken at national level to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Romania. We can count ourselves among the lucky teams whose work is fully digital and therefore we could quickly adapt to the current situation and continuously deliver software development services and technical support to our customers.


Codespring Mentoring Program at Bittologatok 2020

Codespring Mentoring ProgramIf you are studying computer programming or informatics, speaking Hungarian and English, and you are curious what opportunities you may have during your university years and just after finishing your studies, this one is for YOU! On March 4, you are welcome to attend a Bittologatók meeting with Codespring team at Babes-Bolyai University in the main building.


Hiring NOW: iOS Developer

Codespring is looking to hire a talented iOS Developer willing to join our team! Embark now in the marvelous journey of creating state of the art iOS apps.

Bring along your Objective-C knowledge and desire to grow, seasoned with a taste for travel and a genuine orientation to explore technology. Fluency in both English and Hungarian will help you blend in the international teams of developers.



Job Opening: Android Developer

Codespring team is growing! We are looking for an enthusiastic, solution oriented and reliable Android developer. Your role will be to develop high quality Android applications, from the prototyping stage to testing and implementation.

Your availability to travel, English fluency and knowledge of Hungarian language is definitely a plus, since we are mostly in search of a communicative and fast learning colleague.

Indepth knowledge of Android SDK and experience with Java can definitely get you shortlisted.


Codespring Backpacks around the World

At Codespring we have always been an outdoorsy community. Hiking, biking, skiing, climbing, travelling are part of our lifestyle.

And YES! We received totally awesome new Codespring backpacks in 2018 and we have got a new challenge in 2019: to take interesting snapshots of our Codespring backpacks!

Therefore, we entered the final Codespring photo competition round in January 2020!