April and May 2020 were intense both for students, professors and mentors, but we are now glad to inform you the the 23rd Transylvanian Students Scientific Conference powered by Codespring, the tech brand of SOFTECH from Cluj-Napoca, will be held in a digital format between May 21st and May 23rd! Organized in partnership with the local Babeș-Bolyai University, this scientific conference has multidisciplinary outlook and showcases interesting research and study projects.

The Conference Topics: A Large Room For Creativity And Exploration

The 23rd Transylvanian Students Scientific Conference (known in Transylvania as the ETDK) includes sixteen categories covering multiple formal and empirical sciences.

Built for the Hungarian speaking students across Transylvania, the science papers cover disciplines such as mathematics, information technology, economy, public administration, geography, history, arts, literature, history, biology, chemistry, physics and many other connected fields of study. The conference topics intend to stimulate both the theoretical approach but also practical research in applied sciences.

During the event, students and professors get to meet and interact, enabling an impressive exchange of ideas and the possibility to get a new perspective on each debated subject. This year, due to the pandemic, we are all hooked online and we will see how the new generation will lead the pace of the digital event.

Codespring Involvement as a Main Partner of the Transylvanian Students Scientific Conference

Codespring team has been supporting this conference for several years, in many ways and we still find joy in seeing the students growing their knowledge and skills during their academic years. Aside the material and logistical support, we also put some human power under the form of mentors available for the information technology related tracks and topics.

Since the start of the 23rd Transylvanian Students Scientific Conference is near, we are eager to see the final form of the submitted works and projects and to see how students will manage to present them in an online format during the livestream.

Our Focus: Informatics | Information Technology | Computer Science

Being a software development company, the skills we bring into the mentoring of the projects and the choice of topic belong to the informatic and computer science categories. It is important that students in IT, computer science and mathematics get the image from their first academic years on how their work can impact the world and other fields.

We are glad to count several teams who have successfully submitted their work under the guidance of our skillful Codespring mentors.

Transylvanian Students Scientific Conference Online Awards Ceremony

Yes, as you well guessed, the awards cereomony will be announced online and is scheduled for Saturday, May 23rd. From what we have heard, some lucky winners will get the chance to win a cool adventure pass at Adrenalin Park, which we hope will be a breath of fresh air after so much work during the 2020 spring lockdown!

Stay tuned for more information coming soon after the digital event!