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Updates: Codespring Home Office Weeks  

As most IT companies from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Codespring has switched to the home-office or WFH (work-from-home) mode since several weeks. The decision has been made in order to assure everyone’s safety and health, and to support the measures taken at national level to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Romania. We can count ourselves among the lucky teams whose work is fully digital and therefore we could quickly adapt to the current situation and continuously deliver software development services and technical support to our customers.


Remote Work Is Part of Our Business Model

Since its foundation, the company has been working remotely with customers across the globe. For this reason, we can say that switching everyone’s work to the home office mode was a smooth process for Codespring.

With a strong corporate culture, and a powerful sense of social responsibility, our team was quickly on board to help and contribute to the efforts of the city’s anti-pandemic teams in Cluj-Napoca.

Responsibility and Positivity

Everyone is following his responsibilities with a lot of strength and positivity. Therefore our team took a few snapshots from their home-offices as an example of how it can be done. We think is it helpful to be transparent on this matter and to give a good example.

Stay safe and protect your community

We strongly encourage all companies to follow their local government’s instructions and embrace this change (where possible), to practice “social distancing” and to take measures to restrict direct interaction with other people. We must help flatten the spread curve in order to protect our most vulnerable!

#staysafe #workfromhome