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Hiring NOW: iOS Developer

Codespring is looking to hire a talented iOS Developer willing to join our team! Embark now in the marvelous journey of creating state of the art iOS apps.

Bring along your Objective-C knowledge and desire to grow, seasoned with a taste for travel and a genuine orientation to explore technology. Fluency in both English and Hungarian will help you blend in the international teams of developers.


The Role

This iOS Developer job implies the full life cycle development of iOS applications. The new colleague will have to review code, design features and to conduct unit tests. This process will challenge you to identify potential issues and to also propose solutions to improve the app.

At all stages, you and your team will have to deliver at outstanding quality and best performance.

The must haves

Here at Codespring we value a lot your academic preparation, therefore for the iOS developer job a BSc / MSc degree (Computer Science) is mandatory.

A proven +2 years work experience in object-oriented software development and iOS environment are essential to successfully meet the projects’ requirements.

Availability to travel, English and Hungarian fluency coupled with a sound experience in Objective-C / Swift language, memory management and multi-threading in mobile applications are the key to the candidate shortlist.

The Good to Have Competencies

For this specific job, Codespring iOS apps development team is actively mapping the following:

  • Strong technical learning capabilities
  • Persistent drive and willingness to achieve dead lines and solve various development issues
  • The ability to creatively approach the development of new iOS apps
  • A genuine taste for dealing with ambiguos information
  • A healthy work autonomy
  • The ability to easily interact and work with peer professionals and experts

What’s in it for YOU?

In order to get your job done really, really well, Codespring welcomes you in an open-minded team, surrounded by an active outdoorsy community. The salaray and benefits package are competitive and are aligned with the team’s constant need to grow their knowledge and skills base.

You will be also integrated in projects deployed across the global market, working with international teams. The schedule is built around the flexible working hours concept and we make sure that you also have fun while working with us!

Hoping that all the above resonates with your plans and personality, we will be happy to receive your CV at  and analyze your application.

Last, but not least: feel free to ask us about the career opportunities at Codespring and what life with our little friendly company looks like!  ; )