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Easter Holidays In Transylvania

Unusual times need unusual approaches. Yet, Easter Holidays are here and we encourage everyone to care for our traditions. Here in the region of Transylvania from Romania, we are at the crossroad of cultures and we enjoy it! Consequently, many families in our region get to celebrate Easter Holidays in two different dates or in both dates. In all cases, we wish you to have a good time with your family and loved ones.



Easter Times in 2020

Do not forget that technology may help a lot in getting people more together than ever!

Codespring team is spread across the region, with two offices in two different counties in Cluj and Harghita. This gives us a colorful culture and a unique approach to all legal holidays.

Due to the social distancing practices during these months, celebrations at the churches and public places will not be organized as they used to, but it is important to bring the holiday spirit in your homes.

Some of us celebrate Easter on the 12th of April, others on the 19th of April. It is spring time and it is the celebration of the biggest miracle in Christianity. Cherish these moments and wish for the better.

The funniest tradition

Here in Transylvania, we usually prepare dyed hard-boiled eggs and on Monday after Easter, boys and men go whipping girls and women. This is said to bring health, good luck and love for the girls land women who accept the visit. This year, you will probably get to whip only the women in your house and send from afar some symbolic sprinkles : )

Happy Easter Holidays from Transylvania!