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Join HacKMK v3 – The Virtual Hackathon

Are you in for a virtual hackathon? – Codespring team is happy to announce that one of the best student events that we are usually sponsoring, the HacKMK, is going to be held! Given the general pandemic context, it will occur in the virtual space, and it will be organized by the board of Hungarian students in technology from Cluj Napoca.

Therefore, you are invited to form teams of 2-4 students and sign-up for the virtual event!  Stand up for the challenge! The organizers will outline a few themes to be solved, while you are expected to design potential solutions.

Why should you attend the hackathon as a student in 2020?

  • Because you can join the online crowd from your cozy home
  • You can be in any corner of the world and still be part of the game
  • It is a strong opportunity for skill development
  • You can meet your friends or make new ones
  • You will definitely extend your social network
  • For meeting peer geeks who enjoy the same hobby as you do
  • To find inspiration in unexpected ways
  • Because some minigames will keep you all entertained
  • And, last but not least, you will get in touch with our Codespring Mentoring Program team!

If all that sounds fun for you, you’ll only have to enjoy your time at the HacKMK v3!

The organizers have set up a competitive, interesting and pretty fun event, so let’s meet at the HacKMK v3 – 24h Online Hackathon! Make teams of 2-4 students and get your FREE tickets from: https://hackmkv3.eventbrite.com.

You don’t want to compete, but still want to join?

The good news is that anyone is welcome to join the meetings, chaired by Codespring mentors and the special guests that the organizers have invited for this special edition of the hackathon.

These tickets are available on the same link (https://hackmkv3.eventbrite.com), you just have to choose the Attendee option.

Stay safe, and check out the https://hackmk.github.io/ to find out more!


The event is organized by Kolozsvári Műszakis Klub/ KMDSZ – Cluj Technical Club, part of the Hungarian Student Association of Cluj-Napoca. 

Codespring, the tech brand of SOFTECH software development company, has been one of the main sponsors of the association and its events for several years. We believe that both academic preparation and alternative skill development is essential for our future colleagues. Challenging yourself is part of our culture at Codespring | Softech and we intend to keep it that way as a way for personal growth and professional development.