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Codespring Mentoring Program at Bittologatok 2020

Codespring Mentoring ProgramIf you are studying computer programming or informatics, speaking Hungarian and English, and you are curious what opportunities you may have during your university years and just after finishing your studies, this one is for YOU! On March 4, you are welcome to attend a Bittologatók meeting with Codespring team at Babes-Bolyai University in the main building.



Mark in the calendar:

  • 4th of March, 18:30,
  • Location UBB, room 5/1, in the main building

What is on the roll for YOU?

During the Bittologatók meeting we will present the following:

a) Codespring Mentoring Program 2020 – 2021 – a multiple module training program that follows your university curricula but brings along concrete dynamic projects, dedicated mentors and continuous learning.

b) The launch of the first two technical trainings in 2020:

  • Quality Assurance and Automated Testing Training

A training including topics such as: build automation, continuous integration, REST API testing, E2E testing in web and mobile environments, acceptance tests, robot framework automation and performance test.

  • Full-stack Progressive Web Training

This training covers an web development and Java Script components, ECMAScript, React and Redux libraries, Node.JS and RESTful web services,  data base management, authentication, authorization, Progressive Web development.

c) The launch of a new MP1 – Enterprise Software Development training designed for all students interesting in a solid applied learning system.

Hoping that this stirred your curiosity for Codespring training opportunities, we sincerely recommend you to come and meet the team and ask whatever you need to know.

The Codespring Mentoring Program is running for 10 years already and we are proud of the students and the projects that it delivered.

Look what Anna, our dear colleague has to say about the mentoring program at Codespring:

During the Mentoring Program, I truly realized that software development is actually a team sport: good communication skills, trusting, accepting and motivating each other are as essential as professional knowledge. As a mentor, beside technical guidance my goal is to make the team experience this. The Mentoring Program is a good occasion to obtain important technical knowledge, challenge yourself and be curious. – Kiss Anna , software developer at Codespring.

We have many more nice experiences to show to you, but hey (!) why don’t you just come and see it yourself?

See you there!