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Our Codespring 2020 Christmas Story

Next week, we are ready to celebrate Christmas at Codespring, the software development company from Transylvania, Romania. Instead of the traditional Codespring Christmas party, in the covid19 context, we are ready to celebrate at home, with our families and close friends. Even if we are apart this year, let’s stay together by creating a beautiful Codespring Christmas story of the software development team.

Getting in the holiday mood, is not as obvious as usual, but our software development teams working from home across Transylvania, Romania managed to do so, by sending in some beautiful Christmas decorations witnessing the spirit of Christmas!

What is the Codespring Christmas about?

The Advent wreath

As the Christmas light approaches, we will light each Sunday a candle. As you can see in the pictures, some beautiful Advent wreaths have been prepared by our software development colleagues. It is one of the most powerful symbols, since the crown stands for victory, while its round shape evokes the sun and its return each year. The green color represents hope and life. The fir tree remembers the strength in face of the harsh conditions and the laurels are a symbol of victory as well.


The Angels preparing for the Christmas night

Many of our decorations include angels, since Christmas is about celebrating the birth of little Jesus.  They bring joy and we hope good news too! For kids in Transylvania, angels are the ones who bring the Christmas tree – overnight – so they will find it ready decorated glowing and shining in the living room! There are also manii Christmas carols written as if the Angeles would sing them. The local culture has many beautiful songs of this type.


Transylvanian ginger breads

Gingerbread is a tradition in Transylvania. They are made in many shapes, styles and colors. There are traditional home made producers of gingerbreads renown for their cooking. We use it to decorate the fir trees with them, instead of the modern glass globes. The big gingerbreads are served at Christmas.

Specific to our region is that they are bright colored and have traditional Christmas and winter decorations on them. Along with the nuts they are part of the Christmas table decoration. Today, children help cooking these gingerbreads too and at Codespring we used to have this annual gathering with the children to prepare gingerbreads for everyone.

Codespring-ish original Christmas gear

In a more funny note our software development team sent some really original Christmas gear! A couple of red pepper garland – paprika – instead of the gtraditional light garland; A funny climbing quickdraw Christmas tree; A saussage hanging garland; THE eternal travelling duckling which now landed on the Christmas tree; and of course the desktop Christmas decorative icon hidden in the fir tree.

In the end, with all these good mood, fun decorations and lots of hard work delivered during 2020, we are ready to meet Codespring Santa sooooooon!

Stay tuned for more news from our friendly software development team from Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania!