Romanian Software IndexWe are joyfully greeting the 2nd edition of the Romanian Software Index in an improved format: the printed catalogue and its independent dedicated website: Powered by ANIS (Employers’ Association of the Software and Services Industry in Romania), Romanian Software Index includes more than 75 companies and is structured in two main chapters: outsourcing companies and product companies.

We have started this year’s edition of Romanian Software Index with a new approach, to reflect our constant concern over the last years regarding the development of the industry: promoting Romanian software products.

Along with supporting the software services segment that has laid the foundation for the current development of the industry, ANIS is a firm believer and promoter of the opportunities offered by innovative projects and products” – declares Ms. Valerica Dragomir – Executive Director of ANIS in the foreword of the new edition.

In her opinion, the newly launched platform is ought to be a common meeting point for those interested in working and partnering with Romanian software development providers and she continues: “We are aware that bringing together companies and products that are not only representative for the local industry, but also enjoying significant market success involves a medium-to-long term effort invested in this project – and we are fully committed to deploying this effort.”

The catalogue exhibits some of the most active domestic players in the software development and services industry from Romania. Codespring is also featured in the new edition and may be viewed here:

In order to promote the catalogue and the companies’ involvement in the common efforts to represent Romania on the international market, ANIS organized a press conference and a dedicated event in November 2014. This is only one from a continuous series of events held by ANIS during 2014 aiming to share their projects and gather support for lengthier initiatives. For this year it worth mentioning:

– Romania’s 10th consecutive participation at CeBIT as a common stand

– Active involvement in organizing and promoting the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards 2014

– Economic mission in Vienna

– Coordination of the Romanian Delegation at Apps World 2014, London.

Codespring salutes the perseverance with which the current ANIS board is following its objectives and we will continue to support the initiatives aimed to present Romania and its resources for developing high-quality software product and services.