Codespring Superman Team_Crosul Companiilor 2014On the 21st of September 2014, Codespring “Superman” Team accepted the challenge of entering the already famous Crosul Companiilor Cluj-Napoca 2014 race. It is a running contest especially designed by the local sports association, Runners Club for the employees of companies and organizations from Cluj-Napoca. Runners can enroll in the individual competition or in the team competition, representing the company or brand they are currently working for. With a remarkably positive attitude, Codespring team has joined the race and successfully finished it.

Since last weekend was one of the most sports intensive weekends for the entire Cluj IT community, many fellow Cluj IT companies were present at the running competition. A total of 900 runners were counted on Sunday at the 10:00 a.m. start. The 5 km race was a light morning run, on a chill weather that helped us feel comfortable and fully enjoy the 3 running laps.

Codespring “Superman” and the Idea of Constantly Upgrading Yourself

Working in such an innovative industry as the software development and services one puts a lot of pressure on our professional preparation. Being constantly up to date with the latest technologies and methodologies is essential to the quality of our output. In order to build great strategic partnerships we strongly believe that constantly upgrading our knowledge in the field of software development is the foundation of the entire relationship with the customer.

Since humor is part of our everyday existence, we tried to emphasize the idea that each software developer has a Superman inside who shows up only when in action, when challenged and when confronting difficult situations that require sharp skills. Doing the extra miles and going beyond the perceived possibilities is sometimes necessary in order to build new software. Changing perspective can result into braking micro-paradigms that enable new approaches on solving a given engineering problem.

The Soul of an Athlete Can Change the Game

One of Codespring’s first values is to “be a long race runner”. Those who can engage themselves on the long run, those ones are to be most challenged and will be most satisfied when achieving the finish line. In this way, complex software and applications will have our mark.

There is this popular saying “The soul of an athlete can change the game”. While running in a short race or during a marathon, your body warns you when you are about to reach some critical points. At that certain moment the prepared mind takes over and starts controlling the body so that it can easily readjust to a new level. Athletes know by experience that the more you practice, the faster and the stronger you become. Having the stamina and mindset of an athlete shapes your professional and personal life in the direction of overall success and wellbeing.

Congratulations once again to Codespring “Superman” team and we hope to see them again on the running tracks!