Already a traditional event at Codespring, the autumn Company Days took place between the 13th and 15th of September 2013. This year we headed towards the Sub Cetate (“under the Fortress”) village, from Zetea, in Harghita County. The exact location was Natur Air Park, a nice rural accommodation complex with funny names like “The wolf”, “The Stag”, “The Bear” or “The Fox”.

Friday we took off in order to reach the destination. At arrival, tasty dinner and the fresh air motivated us to continue with a well-deserved Friday Night party. It was a perfect time to reconnect with all team members and their partners.

Saturday morning we had the chance to choose the activity that suited us best. Hopping in old jeeps and trucks we started our so called “Szeklar Safari” time! Some of us went on a hike to Madaras Mountain (1801 m above sea-level.  It is the eastern remains of a volcanic crater. The crater’s width is about 5 km. The longest river in Harghita county, the Vargyas creek, flows from the southern side of the mountain. People believe that the mountain is the saint mountain of the ancient “seklers”. Some went on a climb on “via ferrata” (“klettersteig”) in order to rediscpover the beauty of the rocky mountains.  As usual some of our toddlers impressed the audience and did succeed to climb the rock to the top!

As the weather was cloudy and we had our share of showers, we were so happy to find a welcoming fire place at Stana Fibula (“Fibula sheepfold”)! A nice rustic grill with the traditional Romanian “mititei” (meat balls made of five types of meat), fresh mushrooms directly from the woods and homemade bacon simply delighted us… J During the culinary feast a traditional “szekler” folk group enchanted us with traditional music and dance. It was a nice moment to contemplate the simple and authentic lifestyle of the simple folks, well connected to the nature and their natural habitat.

Sunday we chilled out with sightseeing and visiting day. Transported by the same safari-like convoy, we gazed to the wonderful Csorgókő waterfalls (translated the “Flowing rock”), the Tálasberci “parliament”, the Mutato (the Observatory), the ancient catholic church. We also had the chance to grasp a bit of the traditional crafts: manufacture of wooden shingles, wool weaving and so on.

Back from the tour, we were welcomed with the delicious home-made “langos” (a traditional pie), and “gogosi” (traditional donuts)!

In the end, we may say we had an adventurous weekend as a team and we definitely refilled our spirit with nice moments and beautiful memories!

Can’t wait for our next Codespring Company Days in 2014!