Already a tradition, summer internships at Codespring became a valuable experience for the students involved in the program. This year the schedule includes exciting themes like AR (Augmented Reality), robotics, computational intelligence platform, social online platforms, Android based development. Due to the number of students enrolled we splited the group in two. The program is currently being deployed in two different periods: 1st of July – 16th of August and the 19th of August – 30th of September. The goal of the project is to help young professional grasp the feel of real projects with real dead-lines. Also a major component is the team formation and development. Therefore, the internship is considered a valuable experience for all the future software engineers involved in the project.

In order to give you an idea about the themes and technologies used, you may find below a short description of them.


Augmented Reality-based Treasure Hunt Applications for Smartphones

The project aims to develop a treasure hunt style game for smartphone based on Android platform and Java technology.



The goal of the project is to remotely command an ARX-03 type ASURO robot with an Android based smartphone and based on the video streaming. The robot is also geared with an Arexx ASURO ULTRASONIC-SET and an Arexx Minesweeper in order to fulfill the distance detection function and light detection function. Embedded C and Android will be used.


Computational Intelligence Platform

The aim of the project is the development of a general software platform for inventory and sales optimization, prediction and decision support. Beyond the classical algorithms new Computational Intelligence methods will be proposed and integrated into the system.


Online Lending & Borrowing Service for Social Groups and Professional Communities

On a web based platform the users may promote object for lending and borrowing. According to each user activity and behavior they will be ranked within the lending & borrowing community. There will also be designed specific interest groups (profession based, hobby based or other).


Events Recording and Alert System for Android Platform

The system collects real-time input from smartphone users and disseminates the new information as meesages and alerts sent to the users in the network. It is designed mainly for traffic related events such as: accidents, speed limitations, changes of speed, new signs, and detours and so on.

The final results will be exposed at the end of the internship. Meanwhile the students benefit from the careful mentoring of our designated project managers. Hoping that we manage to make them feel part of our team, we also encourage students to engage in recreational activities that boost creativity and energy levels.

Keep in mind: Codespring is the place to upgrade yourself!