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Codespring on Being a Long Race Runner

On the 30th of May 2015, Codespring Superman Trail Running Team attended the Apuseni Mountains Marathon (Maratonul Apuseni 2015), an event organized by the Romanian Alpine Club – Cluj University department. We joyfully joined this competition as it promotes mountaineering and trail running ethics, the care for traditions and local folklore, the concern for the natural habitat and healthy living. Codespring runners engaged in the half-marathon (21.5 km) and cross (7.2 km) races.

Being a long race runner is one of Codespring values. Big, complex projects can be achieved only when you are able to have reliable stakeholders: business partners, customers, employees, suppliers. This proved to be correct. Those who can engage themselves on the long run, those ones are to be most challenged and will be most satisfied when achieving the finish line.

Running long races in the mountains is definitely exhilarating, yet the runners need to have some physical and mental skills for this activity.

Build a strong base

Immersing into a long distance or a complex project requires solid preparation. In sports and in intellectual activities, the more you prepare your base – physical and mental – the better you perform. At Codespring we try to convey this idea from the early stages of mentoring new colleagues in software engineering. What seems difficult at the beginning will feel easy in time.

Make a plan

An athletic endeavor or a professional assignment involves a goal. In order to increase the rate of success, the best runners and best professional draw their plans and then execute it. At Codespring, planning is one of the corner stones for any project.

Speed up gradually

Race means competition. And … competition is a challenge. Provided all variables are comparable, in sports and in business, it remains only the test of time: who reaches its goal faster. On the long distance, the speed of the individual and of the team should be set to grow gradually, so that the adjustments will be done within consistency.

Watch your efficiency

Managing the effort means controlling the energy that we put into action. Runners and performant professionals must monitor their level of efficiency in order to achieve the goal.

Find the source of trouble and pain

During the race, or during a project, there are moments when something does not happen exactly as planned. Therefore, one should start looking for the source of trouble and pain, in order to correct it from the core.

In the end, we compliment the Codespring Superman Running teams, for another successful race.