The last weekend of September 2023 was dedicated to our yearly company trip in the mountains! This time we went in the Western Carpathians.  The annual company trip is, by tradition, a super hike, done together, somewhere in the mountains. Hiking gives us the opportunity to talk, to breathe in fresh air and go back into Nature! At Codespring │ Softech, we strove to promote a good work – life balance and we try to educate all pur team members in the spirit of outdoor activities.

The Destination

We headed to Stâna de Vale, on of the oldest mountain resorts from Romania, situated in Vlădeasa Mountains in the Western Carpathians.  The main factors of treatment in Stâna de Vale, which attract thousands of tourists annually, are the oligomineral and ferruginous waters, the tonic bioclimate, characterized by low atmospheric pressure, intense solar radiation and increased ionization of the air. Just perfect for our team to refresh, re-energize and get together!

The Hike

After a nice Friday evening, where we had dinner together and talked a lot about this fanatstic anniversary year, we got ready for Saturday hike! What a thrill! An indian summer was simply perfect for us to go on the picturesque tour starting from Stâna de Vale.

We began walking across a funny ski slope called Donkey Slope (Părtia Măgarul ) which leads gently to the route called The General’s Promenade. Following the yellow cross sign we haeded towards the Custurilor peak and then went to the Fântânele Meadow. Some of us also went on the Bohodei Circuit, uot to Bohodei Pass, from where a fantastic panorama opened to in front of our eyes.

Another hot spot was the famous Izvorul Minunilor mineral water spring, which means The Spring of Wanders! Of course, we will let aside the wanders we spoke about during our hike.

By the late afternoon, we returned in Stâna de Vale and prepared for a magical campfire!

A Bouquet of Adventures

Since the area is full of tourist attractions, we did not withdraw from anything that came along. We had fun on the alpine bob course, we tested our mushroom species knowledge, we took tons of pictures and simply enjoyed the trip.

Life at Codespring, in Transylvania

Definetley some of the most good aspects that one will learn about Codespring │ Softech team is that we take seriously each person’s life. Founded by a core programming team, back in 1998, the strong relationships among team members are entangled around the same values and principles: perseverance, commitment, dedication and adaptability.

In this context, we love bringing on board talents and personalities that go well together. We hope that you will find the time to learn, to accelerate your career, but also to cultivate talent and develop on all aspects of life. This time the story was about a hike and a weekend together  – Codespring Transylvania: 2023 Super Trip in the Mountains, next time maybe it will be about a cultural event.

Thank you all for being part of Codespring Transylvania and if you are not yet in the team but you fancy working with us, give it a try and get in touch with us!