2023 is a major milestone for our company. We celebrate 25 years of existence since the foundation, here in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania! What a journey! What a fantastic team! There are not enough words to describe the joy with which we set this mark in the history of Codespring team. Even if we started celebration preparations in January, it is actually November 2023 that peaked with our 25 anniversary party! We are thankful that so many colleagues, families, customers, partners, students and friends joined us! Without this amazing community, we would not be here today!

Codespring 25 Anniversary

What Does 25 years Mean For Us?

For a private software development company, established in a post-communist Eastern Europe, more exactly in Romania, Transylvania, the city of Cluj-Napoca, the path to the international market was sinuous and full of challenges.

Surpassing the chaotic process of shifting towards a capitalist market here in the home base between 1998 and 2008, soon followed by the Global Financial Crisis that spread across the world in stages in 2008-2009, then continued with a struggle to diversify the industry verticals portfolio while growing the team of software developers and being hit again by the CoVID19 pandemic effects turned our team into a fierce IT market player. Being resilient, yet flexible and standing on its own ground  are some of the qualities that make SOFTECH │ Codespring a reliable, long-term software development partner.

Thus, reaching the 25 years anniversary equals not only with many technical achievements but also with a sense of being proud for lasting on this rough market.

The Ten Essential 25 Anniversary Facts

Our organic growth is the result of a complex set of skills, values, determination and business environment factors. Yet, we would love to emphasize ten facts that stand out about our company. These facts, are recognizable across each year of existence, therefore we are really proud to count them as cumulative descriptors.

25 years of software development because this is what we do, this is our core business and our passion. That is why we continuously grow our know-how and technology stack.

25 years of growing with Cluj-Napoca for we are a part of our city’s community and we have lived and contributed to each development stage of it. We always loved and still love promoting it.

25 years of delivery excellence because seeing our customers satified and successfull means we did our work well. By extension, we also have grown along them and with them.

25 years of international cooperation since our first customer who trusted us with software development. We started this company internationally and we will continue doing so.

25 years of fine-tuning because without customizing each type of collaboration we could not have delivered customized products and solutions. We trust that the ability to listen, to ask, to question, to communicate are essential in our industry.

25 years of tech innovation because we have constantly worked on flagship software products and solutions, for global tech players. This is something that we are really proud of and we could not have achieved without the customers we serve.

25 years of automating industries because we are happy to count software projects delivered for large customers from more than 13 industries.

25 years of building long-term partnerships owed to the literally long-term contracts that we managed to keep with our customers. A long-term partnership translates into effective communication, easy understanding and qualitative problem solving.

25 years of organic growth on account of our small but steady team growth, revenue growth and partner growth. In other words, we always chose caution and conscious decision-making under available resources.

25 years of software made in Transylvania on the strength of our team’s authentic local spirit. We are in the end, a team of software developers living in various cities from Transylvania, cherishing and respecting our roots and culture.

The 25 Anniversary Party

Our mavericks gathered for a much awaited rock party! We enjoyed the iconic songs of Queen with a fantastic tribute band – Don’t Stop The Queen. Then, we continued with a local band, on a hype, called Blaha Louisiana. Finally we totally danced and sang with Paddy and The Rats.

Since images speak by themselves, enjoy our SOFTECH │ Codespring 25 Years Anniversary Party Album!