SISY 2023 – IEEE 21st International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Informatics took place in Pula, Croatia, from September 21 to September 23. Codespring team attended the conference with 5 papers prepared by 5 student teams mentored by our colleagues. Given the excellent results that they brought this weekend, we congratulate them all!

SISY 2023 - IEEE 21st International Symposium

About SISY 2023 – IEEE 21st International Symposium

The aim of SISY 2023 symposium is to offer researchers an opportunity to extend the existing scientific relationships all over the world in the field of Intelligent Systems. Our hope is that researchers and lecturers working at various institutions will find common research areas at the conference so that they can cooperate on bilateral or international projects.

This year, SISY 2023 – IEEE 21st International Symposium was organized by the following entities: Óbuda University from Budapest, Subotica Tech from Serbia, University North from Croatia, Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Croatia and the IEEE SMC Technical Committee on Computational Cybernetics

In the distinguished venue of “Dr. Mijo Mirković” Faculty of Economics and Tourism, Juraj Dobrila University of Pula about 400 participants – students, mentors, speakers and chairs were present between 21 and 23 september.

The conference was structured in multiple sessions covering the following topics:

  • Computational Intelligence: Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Nets, Fuzzy Systems, Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Control, Knowledge Based Systems, Expert Systems
  • Intelligent Robotics: Control, Flexible Arm Control, Perception and Recognition, Reasoning, Learning, Robotic Systems, Human-Robotic Interaction, Service Robots, Surgery Robots, Machine Vision
  • Intelligent Mechatronics: Sensing and Sensor Data Fusion, Motion Control, Intelligent Actuators
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems: Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Production Planning and Scheduling, System Simulation, Rapid Prototyping, Concurrent Engineering, Virtual Reality
  • Informatics: The Web, Business & Digital Culture, Databases, Design & Graphics, Digital Audio, Video and Photography, Hardware, Home & Office, Networking & Sys Admin, Operating Systems, programming, Science & Math, Security Software Engineering, Healthcare Informatics, Teaching Informatics, Informatics in education process
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Special Session on PhD Student Research in Applied Informatics
  • Special Session on Digitalisation, Generation Research, Consumer Trends

Codespring Team Participation at SISY 2023

9 students from the Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca mentored by a team of 11 mentors from Codespring │ Softech under the guidance of university lecturer Sulyok C. and  university lecturer Simon K. presented their papers at SISY 2023 – IEEE 21st International Symposium.

The following papers were presented in open forum and will be published in the IEEE publications:

  • Voice Recognition Based Automated Teleprompter Application” – by Mátis K., Szilágyi K.; mentored by Kecseti I., Hegyi B., Szakács T.; coordinator: Sulyok C.
  • Real-Time Software System for Latin Dance Festival Organizers and Participants by Szimma H., Domokos N.; mentored by Vad B., Mátis V.; coordinator: Sulyok C.
  • Energy Efficient Timetable Display for Meeting Rooms using e-Paper technology and Low powered Microcontrollersby Szabó C.; mentored by Antal K., Bartus L.; coordinator: Simon K.
  • Sensor Throne: Improvement and Monitoring of Sitting Posture through a Mobile Application” – by Lukács I., Both B.; mentored by Brassai B., Szabó Z.; coordinator: Sulyok C.
  • Home Thermostat for Smart Temperature Control – by Nagy K. B., Bíró D.; mentored by Nagy-Seres N.t, Zsebe Á.; coordinator: Sulyok C.

SISY 2023 Symposium  In a Nutshell

It was exciting  to attend SISY 2023 conference in Pula, Croatia. We must remind you all , that as Codespring – we have been cooperating with the university on this project for many years and we are glad to see  it unfurl in a reputable international  scientific event.

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