Codespring at 2023 VIBE Festival definitely was a hit!  Software development and modern technology is not only useful, but it can also be extremely entertaining – as demonstrated by the Codespring | Softech team at this year’s Vibe Festival in Târgu Mures from 6 to 9 July. The tech tent at Vibe Koli was visited by hundreds of young people interested in the Codespring Mentoring Programme, the opportunities offered by a career in programming.

VIBE Koli – The Knowledge Forum

Codespring | Softech, as the main sponsor of the VIBE Koli 2023, considered it important to be actively involved in the four-day programme, delivering professional presentations and participating in round-table discussions, plus we prepared for the event with a range of robots and devices promoting IT and technology, as well as a variety of presentations and competitions.

At the Codespring tech tent, we welcomed festivalgoers with VR glasses and programmable toy robots to give them a hands-on experience of what software development can do. Here, hundreds of young people interested in IT turned up every day. Our staff were on hand to talk to those who were considering a career choice, telling them about our mentoring programme and the opportunities

AI a Hot Topic at 2023 VIBE Festival

Nowadays, AI and machine learning is the hottest topic in the tech world, with the potential to radically transform many aspects of our lives – no wonder a series of presentations and panel discussions have been organized around this topic at Vibe Koli. On the first day of the festival, July 6, the organizers got right to the heart of the matter with a panel discussion on the impact of AI on the arts and the relationship between the two, with Levente Szélyes, CEO of Codespring|Softech.

During the knowledge forum, experts pondered one of the most pressing questions about AI: what will the workplace of the future look like, will we work with robots, or will we be replaced by a machine that has learned the drill? During the roundtable discussion, Dr László Barabás, CTO  Codespring | Softech, tried to ease the anxiety about AI. Speakers stressed the importance of looking beyond quantifiable performance to the human values that a machine does not have: creativity, the ability to make decisions, the uniqueness of our “imperfections”, and the communities we are part of, so that we do not become alienated.

VIBE Festival Generation and the Future Work Place

Another interesting topic draw the masses to Koli Oasis: the expectations of recent graduates in the workplace and their job opportunities. The panel discussion was moderated by Noémi F., HR Specialist  at Codespring | Softech, while Dániel F., a young employee of Codespring, was invited to share his experience.

As they explained, it is important for the new generation to gain practical experience and competent mentoring during their university years, in addition to the wide range of theoretical knowledge. Dani emphasized that the Codespring Mentoring Programme provided him with all of this, and more: he was able to take the project he had started during his internship to the final year of his studies, which made his final year much easier. In the experience of academics and HR professionals, young workers are more than ever in need of constant stimulation: maintaining interest and the need for continuous development is an important expectation of the employer, but it can also be a major challenge. But, as has been said, in a committed, team-oriented community, there is always room for development and, with time and experience, for mentoring, which provides professional satisfaction for former juniors.

Mátyás F. gave an even more detailed introduction to the IT career for those considering it. He used a personal example to refute the stereotypes that surround this field. He explained that as a student, he himself, was averse to the idea of a career in IT, as he saw it as a lonely career in which he would necessarily be isolated from others. During his university internship, he realized that programmers often work in teams and therefore have a lot of communication going on, as well as the opportunity to travel and socialize, therefore his opinion changed for the positive. However, he pointed out that the programming career is very diverse, so that in fact, everyone can find suitable opportunities.

Codespring at 2023 Vibe Festival: A Cherished Community Space

Throughout the festival, our staff in the tech tent welcomed visitors interested in the latest innovations in the IT sector, who were able to try out Codespring’s latest “pet”, the artificial intelligence bionic robot Dogzilla, which imitates the smallest movements of dogs. Our AI dog has served as a play companion for the youngest children and an exciting tool for students, university students and IT practitioners to learn about AI and programming.

During VIBE Festival, the Codespring tent with its comfortable beanbags proved to be the perfect place to relax, and from the early morning hours until the start of the concerts, until the end of the festival, the booth was a lively place to socialize. The same as last year, our great enthusiastic young staff members were eager to welcome visitors to the Codespring tent.

Tech Tailored to the Most Diverse Needs

The Vibe was full of precious moments and unforgettable encounters for all of us, but one of the most special experiences of this year’s event was undoubtedly the enlightening conversation with the disabled team visiting the festival. The community members were very enthusiastic about watching and testing our various robots and shared their hopes that these robotic advances available to a limited number of people today will soon be available to everyone, significantly improving their quality of life. This meeting reinforced our belief that one of the main goals of technology is to make people’s lives easier – and the growing Codespring|Softech team has been working towards this goal for 25 years.

If you would like to join our highly skilled, dedicated team, please send your CV to and our team will contact you as soon as possible to tailor your career plans together.