The name ‘Codespring’ sounds familiar to the Transylvanian IT community, namely in the Hungarian-speaking software development community from Transylvania. Owned by SOFTECH, a company founded 25 years ago, Codespring brand actively promotes  Transylvanian Hungarian-speaking IT professionals in the wider region. It contributes to the IT education, mentoring programs, and the organization of community-building events that aim the development and further education of young generations. The Cluj-Napoca-based company has stable teams across Transylvanian cities, including in Odorheiul Secuiesc – Székelyudvarhely, where it has established its office fifteen years ago.

Local Flagship in the IT field

The Odorheiul Secuiesc – Székelyudvarhely has a valuable past. After several years of planning, it was founded in March 2009, as one of the first IT offices operating in this small town. At that time, the city was considered a white spot on the IT map of the region, being preceded by Miercurea Ciuc – Csíkszereda and Sfântu Gheorghe – Sepsiszentgyörgy. There were only a few small IT companies then, and most of the IT start-ups chose larger cities for more opportunities.

Back in the days, many IT-companies based in academic cities were already working for large, international technology companies as outsourcing providers.  In the late 2007 however, some of our colleagues chose to return home in Odorheiul Secuiesc – Székelyudvarhely, working completely remote.

Codespring in Odorheiul Secuiesc: Software Development and Beyond

The small office opened in March 2009, with a tiny team. In spite of working remote, the team formed an active community and tried to participate in the life of the company and the local office.

Thus, besides the company celebrations and themed days, several leisure and sports programs took place in order to empower team spirit: bike tours, table tennis championships, hiking trips, soccer and basketball training, family activity opportunities. The area offers many opportunities: Madarasi Hargita, Băile Tușnad – Tusnádfürdő, fishponds around the city, Septimia beach, Mini Transylvania Park and many other tourist attractions serve as amazing fun destinations.

The Milestones

In spite of a constant team size, by 2016 and 2017, things started to change in the region. The Harghita Business Center pioneered the field of local business development, launched an IT Development Program, and together with the IT Plus Cluster and the U-Hub IT community, started mentoring young people who want to find a job in the IT field.

Codespring Became an IT Mentoring Provider In The Region

The efforts were successful: minor software development companies and startups with only a few employees began to rise in Odorheiul Secuiesc. In addition, more and more young people started internships at local companies, during which they laid the foundation for their future employment in the city. Codespring|Softech played a huge role in this process. It was a founding member of the IT Plusz Cluster, participating in the organization of all regional IT events (Informatics’ Meeting of Harghita County – HInTa, Digital Székelyföld Conference, ‘Digitális Kaláka’ – hackathon, etc.) and other initiatives. Besides its own highly successful Codespring Mentoring Program in Cluj, our company also opened its doors to students who wanted to do their internship in Udvarhely, via U-Hub.

Transylvania’s leading Hungarian-speaking Software Development Company

Odorheiul Secuiesc now occupies a prominent place on the IT map of Szeklar Region. More of the small companies founded at that time now employ dozens of software developers in several cities, and many new businesses are starting now. We are proud to say that a huge development took place also at Codespring|Softech, where the number of software developers has doubled since 2016. The majority of our new employees are young IT-professionals coming from the mentoring programs.

Today, 25 employees form our Udvarhely – Odrheiul Secuiesc team. Their professionalism is manifested in projects delivered for global companies based in Germany, Sweden, Hungary and the United States. Among others, our colleagues have developed software for banking, energy and telecomm systems, and currently they are programming smart device ecosystems, Android and iOS based, and have also created reputed local applications, such as FestivApp.

Diverse Background Leads to More Creativity

Our colleagues’ lives do not simply revolve around software development, though. A diverse palette of academic preparation, professional schools and new hobbies lay the foundation for more creativity. Despite the challenges of recent years, we are glad that our team stood stable, and although the company provides hybrid work opportunities, most of our colleagues prefer to work from the office. Whether it’s about work or leisure, cultural or educational programs supported by Codespring|Softech software development company, our team members are always actively involved as participants and speakers – and of course as mentors when it comes to knowledge transfer.

If you would also like to join us, apply for our Codespring Mentoring Program or send us your CV to and give yourself a chance to develop in a highly qualified and motivated team!