Businesses & Organizations

For Businesses and Organizations our range of service is more likely to address the solutions that these users may benefit from a specialized software development company. You will find us both on the consultant position, and on the execution one, as well.

Services that we propose to you are:

1. Software solutions consultancy

Making the right decision and choosing the best option – are two of the challenges any management team encounters. That’s why, history of economy demonstrated that using professional advice in specific fields of expertise is mandatory. If your core business is not software development, it is very little chance that your team be able to provide the proper spectrum of solutions when you decide to shift your classic management system to a software powered system. Specialized teams in software development and in business processes have the capacity and the experience to show you what are the possible solutions, their cost and their characteristics in terms of advantages and disadvantages. These are the so called Technical Business Analysts (Technical Bas), hybrid individuals with high know-how in software solutions and wide experience in analyzing and understanding various business processes. When contracting Codespring for a software solution consultancy you will find a well prepared and communicative team. Our goal is to have an open discussion with our client on the problems to solve and the things to optimize through a software development or deployment. Our software solutionscan cover: . What’s more, we accumulated experience in many industries: architecture, building and construction, logistics, electronics and high-tech, food industry, media and entertainment, printing and publishing, health & public care, industrial equipment, retail, services and travel.

2. IT infrastructure consultancy

In order to insure competitiveness, productivity and performance a company needs proper information management, proper communication systems and adequate applications to manage the core business process. To technically support the ITS (Information technology system) an infrastructure has to be build. It is named IT Infrastructure (Information technology infrastructure) and consists in all necessary physical items (computers, servers, modems, cables,etc) – grouped under the generic name „hardware” and non-physical items – software and license to run them. Yet, we can only speak about operational IT infrastructure when we have correctly configured it and organized all items according to the principles of network and software architecture. In terms of setting up or developing the IT infrastructure for your business, Codespring will help you choose the right and the most effective hardware and software. Most important, our team will advice on how your IT infrastructure should look like in terms of functionality, accessibility, connectivity and scalability. Another key point in designing the infrastructure will be to insure business continuity– actions and solutions planned to maintain service, consistency, and recover-ability.

3. IT security consultancy

Living in a fast paced business environment, security is the priority number one in managingInformation Technology. Professional advice on the IT security topic refers to informing you how toprotect your information technology systems. Modern security methodologies and techniques guide and coordinate procedures for: access (authorized/non-authorized, by levels of access), use (by type of users), disclosure (who, when and what information may communicate) , disruption (how can work continue if incidentally interrupted by various events in the system), modification (who, when and how can operate modifications in the system) and destruction (how and to what extent backup and recovery of the system or of its content may be insured). Having experienced the tremendous evolution of IT security systems and IT security attacks in the last decade, Codespring has a special division for security issues. It covers intervention and prevention of IT security problems generated by physical and non-physical events, originated from the exterior and the interior of business and organizations.

4. Software development

Software development for business and organizations is the fundament of the entire software development industry. Since there are so many industry sectors and sub-sectors, information technology systems had to be customized according to specific industry needs. Certainly, it made a huge turn in business competitivity and productivity, in the use of human labour and use of other resources. Yet, most important thing to keep in mind is: always make sure the software you implement in your company meets your specific needs for a reasonable time-line. Thus, you can insure an adequate return on investment. As our core business, software development is what we love most! Having experienced software developments in over 13 industry sectors, Codespring offers you full range in terms of project definition, selection of methods and technologies, project planning, implementation, maintenance, support and QMS (quality management systems).

5. IT assistance

As a very colloquial term „IT assistance” is the umbrella for all actions that can be supplied by aspecialized IT team to help you overcome real or perceived obstacles in using an information technology system. In other words, when the system is suddenly down, connections failed, applications are running improperly or you are just thinking how to make your business processes faster and easier to manage you will call out for „IT assistance”. Due to our experience in deploying software’s for our customers or building IT infrastructures we concluded that the „IT assistance” service is very helpfully and cost effective until the organization gets to be used to the new system and its features. It is commonly known that if you do not prepare and assist people in assimilating a new software or new devices, chances are great for a „project failure”. Patience, training and help-desk are usually the solution for any happy end in software deployment.

6. Add-On development

Developing „add-on’ s” in software technology terms means to design and implement a software component that may consistently supplement, enhance, help or change the functionality of the original one. Sometimes it is possible and at ease to deliver this operation, sometimes it is recommended to make a new software. Usually, this is a critical discussion point with customers since it is hard to understand and prevent issues that may emerge during the operation. Since we are client-oriented and understand all financial, time and HR constraints we learned to be open minded and investigate solutions – including that of developing an add-on for a designated software. Please note that we will always compare required efforts for an add-on versus a totally new software and we will present you the final calculations, so that our common decision may be the best one.

7. System integration

Suddenly, information technology adapted so well to the specific needs and functions of each department or business unit that they are using different applications, different systems. How to manage all of them in an effective manner? The answer came with system integration. This process consists in building physical and functional links between various systems and software applications. In addition, nowadays, system integration is subtly adding value to the system because it will develop capacities and capabilities possible only due to the interaction between systems and subsystems. Facing numerous situations while working for our customers, we can effectively organize any type of integration: vertical, horizontal and star (or „spaghetti”). Our system integration skills include software and hardware engineering, interface protocols and other general solving skills.