End Users

End Users are, indirectly and directly, the main beneficiary of many applications and programs that we and our partners are implementing. Since Codespring has some products of its own, contact with end users and services addresses to them were imminent.

In this section you can oversee:

1. Updating „iSpeedCam” Database

Short product presentation
Our iSpeedCam product is a safety camera warning system for iPhone. These kind of warning systems use the GPS position and a database of known camera locations to warn the driver. Since in most countries there is no official safety camera database, there are many companies that collect the camera locations and publish them on a regular basis. The problem with these databases is that they might contain either superfluous camera locations or they miss existing cameras, so the choice among these databases is a matter of confidence.

Importance of updating
The iSpeedCam database update is a web application called WebSpeed, that allows the users to use with iSpeedCam their preferred camera databases. With a simple registration screen and an upload form they can upload their data files. The files are validated online, and then they are instantly available for import in the iPhone application’s database menu (Internet connection needed).

How can users access it
The WebSpeed application has also features that allow uploading paid databases, database subscriptions and user database manipulation tools. It is among the future plans to integrate these with the iSpeedCam iPhone application.

General Description

iSpeedCam is the most advanced Traffic Enforcement Camera warning system for the iPhone world. It handles various types of traffic cameras, speed limits in metric and imperial unit systems, and a map feature using Apple Maps enhanced with track recording, provided you have internet connection (!) and it issues various statistics about your routes. As most radar detectors draw your attention too late about photo enforcement systems, iSpeedCam might be your ultimate companion to avoid costly speed tickets.


– Alerts for fixed traffic cameras and regular police stakeout spots, red light cameras
– Editable speed camera database
– One-touch Add / Remove camera
– POI backup and restore feature
– Import your personal POI files from the supporting web application (Currently it supports the Garmin, MapMonkey, MIO and IGO formats)
– Graphical GPS tracking*
– Track statistics
– Metric / Imperial unit system
– Multitasking support*
– Battery power saving mode
– Thorough help
– More …


iSpeedCam has an impressive speed trap database covering the European Countries, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and all Asian countries in the world-wide version of the application. Nevertheless, we are aware that there are no official camera databases, and the available traffipax databases either show superfluous camera locations or lack them all together, regardless of their claim. iSpeedCam allows you to tailor the camera database with one touch by adding new cameras or filtering out the unwanted ones. Later on, you can backup and restore these cameras directly from your device.

Among various useful features you have the ability to import your favorite POI files, that contain the cameras for your locations. Download or create your own Garmin, MapMonkey, MIO or IGO speed camera (POI) files and sync it to your device using the supporting web application.


While you are on the road iSpeedCam displays the outline of your current track overlaid on Apple Maps and calculates a several statistics about it, e.g. your track distance, its total time, maximum speed achieved, etc. These tracks are recorded and saved in the iSpeedcam’s database, so you will be able to review them later. The GPS tracking feature works with and without internet connection as well.


iSpeedCam works both with the metric and imperial unit systems, so you can customize not only the speed camera database, but also the warning distances, the camera types to be warned about, etc.

You also have FREE UPDATE to the newest version, where among other new features you can use your Facebook account to Like or Share the application.

Access your FREE iSpeedCam account (http://www.ispeedcam.com/upload) via Facebook, where you can:

– Link devices to your Facebook account
– Sync custom POI files across multiple devices
– Display your custom POI files on Google Maps

* Note: Continued use of the GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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What’s New in Version 2.3.0

Redesigned the application’s interface so you can access your favorite features faster and easier
– The app can be muted with a simple tap from the main screen
– The run in background feature can now be enabled or disabled from the main screen
– Adding and removing cameras was simplified

Facebook Connect simplifies your login process: you no longer need to look up your PIN on the device.

We have made several performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.

2. Social Networking Portal : FaVivo

FaVivo is social portal developed by Codespring. It is a family/group oriented social networking platform, launched in early 2011 in Danish and English languages. 90% of registered users are from Denmark. To ensure fast access to group information anytime, everywhere, the web application is iPad and iPhone compatible.

Every social network addresses a different and distinct human need. Some fulfill social needs (developing friendship), some target business purposes (collaborating to make a decision and/or to achieve a business objective), others are willing to provide entertainment or learning (discovery of unique and interesting experiences that earn social attention). And while networks tend to have a primary purpose, it is also true that many networks support multiple purposes.

FaVivo proposes to gather groups sharing similar interests and activities by activating team spirit and exercising teamwork. One of its innovative features is customizable group rights management. This feature enables the group owner to decide what rights different group members should have. This means that the person who created the group can set the rights regarding which group user can only view group information, who can edit content, upload pictures, documents, create shopping lists and links, fill out the calendar. The owner has full control of the group and promotes this way seamless collaboration.  Moreover,  real time collaborative editing enables instant information sharing and visualization with group members. This means that when two group members from the same group are editing information in the same time, everybody from the group is able to see modifications instantly, without the need to refresh the page. FaVivo features a streamlined microblogging system: users can introduce notes, personalize it with chosen formatting styles, add or delete pictures, leave a reply and show or hide existing replies. www.favivo.com