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Outsource to Cluj

Outsourcing to Cluj the software development projects that you envision may turn into a real business boomer if done right. Outsourcing in Cluj-Napoca has already a tradition and you may be surprised of the magnitude that this sector has recorded in the last years.

Target: outsourcing software development to Cluj-Napoca

Rationale: focus on core business

Strategic posture: customer / partner / investor

Steps to follow:

1. Examine

  • Start a research about Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania;
  • Dissect among the data obtained and delineate the important facts about the city and its ITC community;
  • Juxtapose outsourcing strategy and your business priorities;
  • Start assessing potential partners and providers;

2. Inspect

  • Define the project and solicit offers;
  • Delineate potential corporate candidates;
  • Plan teleconferences and live meetings;
  • Learn about the culture, work attitudes and lifestyles;

3. Draw the big picture and outline the details

  • Systemize the data and detail;
  • Conclude on resemblances, affinities and useful differences;
  • Shape a collaborative frame;

4. Put in practice

  • Fix the conditions of a test project;
  • Enter an outsourcing agreement;
  • Initiate works;

5. Fine tune and Control

  • Contour responsibilities, software development methods, team collaboration, HR, infrastructure;
  • Establish a reporting systems;
  • Envision potential risks and deviations; schedule adjustments;
  • Review the overall results;