Software development in Cluj

Starting a software development project in Cluj may take different shapes. One should always bear in mind that the software development community in Cluj has proven itself to be reliable, resourceful and effective. Setting up software development collaboration in Cluj is at the hand of the prepared teams.

Target: software development in Cluj-Napoca

Rationale: increased effectiveness, budget control and innovative outlook

Strategic posture: customer / partner / investor

Choices to make:

1. Software Development Outsourcing

Translocating day by day operations to other geographical regions or just to another legal entity, under the management and contract of a third company, as a Supplier, the Beneficiary succeeds in achieving important economies, higher productivity and very often 24/ 7 service to final customers. Software industry has been one of the opinion leaders for this approach, since it involved many advantages and benefits for its further development: cost savings, cost restructuring, focus on core business, better quality, commodification, risk management, tax benefits, contract liabilities. In this regard, Codespring team developed a specific delivery system with tight quality control keys and a sum of services that came along with the core service.

 2. Software Development Offshoring

The main advantage of offshoring system is tax benefit. In addition to this we can also count on reduced infrastructure costs, team flexibility, lean processes, quality insurance and contract liabilities. Some of the issues that might arise are: less accessibility on site and, probably, different culture and time zone. Offshoring is a milestone for any outsourcing company willing to step in the mature phase. Codespring has its own way of dealing with cultural differences and potential communication gaps. We are intensely preparing teams and members for cultural sensitiveness and ways to cope with cultural shocks.

3. Software Development Nearshoring

Instead of outsourcing or offshoring very far from the origin country, sometimes it is recommended to „nearshore” – that is to subcontract activities in a neighboring country. Main reasons for which some will opt for this type of collaboration are deriving from proximity benefits: geographically close, similar time zone, similar language, similar culture, similar political context or common historical background. All these allow to the Beneficiary high accessibility on site and easy control. Due to our exceptional location in Cluj Napoca, Romania – a powerful university center and a major service provider, yes, we are being involved in nearshoring.

4. On Site Software Development

When you exclusively need the know-how and the mind of a specific software engineer and require to board him/her in your team, then you will access the on site body lease system. You will benefit of the expertise of this person by generating cost savings and by having full control of any activity on site. However, some issues are to be taken into consideration: keeping a good level of motivation, induction and integration, supporting lumber costs and other problems emerging from prolongation of on site works. We train each member of our team to flawlessly accomplish any given mission. Keeping permanent contact and supervising his pace at work are just some of the control keys in order to insure the quality of the persons’ journey in your company.