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Outsourcing to Cluj-Napoca means access to a great IT talent pool. According to recent statistics those deciding to do outsourcing in Cluj regions rarely leave this city for other areas. As the 1st national software outsourcing hub, Cluj is a growing software engineer’s nest.

Outsourcing to Cluj turned into one booming business model in the last years. Translocating day by day operations to other geographical regions or just to another legal entity, under the management and contract of a third company, as a Supplier, the Beneficiary succeeds in achieving important economies, higher productivity and very often 24/ 7 service to final customers. Software industry has been one of the opinion leaders for this approach, since it involved many advantages and benefits for its further development: cost savings, cost restructuring, focus on core business, better quality, commodification, risk management, tax benefits, contract liabilities.

Outsourcing in Cluj is becoming a well-mastered business model and Codespring was here at the right moment. On top of the widely known benefits of outsourcing contracts, Codespring understood that its competitive advantage will reside only in the added value that it will be able to provide to their customers. Therefore, Codespring team developed a specific delivery system with tight quality control keys and a sum of services that came along with the core service.

Customer say that outsourcing in Cluj, and namely with Codespring team (!) proved to be a beautiful experience. The city is close to all European locations and easy to access by airplane or by European roads. Outsourcing to Cluj has a time zone advantage compared to other eastern or Asian regions.  The infrastructure is a great advantage- in terms of utilities costs, transportation costs and other.

One may also find out that outsourcing to Cluj will provide the sense of cultural proximity, as the local community and culture is closer to the European idea than one may expect.  In addition to all this, outsourcing to Cluj brings along an important cost effectiveness, an internationally acknowledged IT skilled labor pool, mastering foreign languages at very high level.

Last, but not least, outsourcing software processes to Cluj hands out a strong history in research in all fields of engineering and software.