The process

Codespring Software Outsourcing Delivery Model has been created in order to give you a clear understanding of how the software outsourcing process will look like. Software Outsourcing customers often question us about the way we will be able to solve all their demands. Even if the Codespring Software Outsourcing Delivery Model is aligned with the Codespring Software Development Delivery Model, some differences worth to be mentioned.

Software Outsourcing / step 1: Project Analysis

At Codespring you will find professionals ready to communicate with you any question, thought or idea that might arise while defining the project to launch. In case your company is a specialized software company you will benefit a second opinion at no charge. If you are not familiar with project definition but know what you expect as a user from certain software, Codespring will „translate” these requirements for you so that any communication barrier between software engineers and you, will disappear. Execution qualities and evolution qualities will therefore be defined and fine-tuned by our team. At this specific time, five steps are to be run: signing of nondisclosure agreement, initial request analysis, writing specifications, technical estimate and financial estimate.

Software Outsourcing / step 2: Engagement

For Codespring, the stage of engagement is a major point that must be clearly be agreed and put down on paper. We will present you various types of engagement and we will decide on the best solution. Afterwards a contract form will be agreed and signed. As for resource allocation, depending on the type of engagement, it can be a point to discuss and set with the client or it can be our own decision provided that everything runs according to the established project chart. Next step will be to decide upon working methods, an issue that will be heavily influenced by the type of software that needs to be developed and the time frame in which the software must be operational. Final point will be the issuing of the Business Continuity plan in order to minimize impacts of different serious events by facilitating an easy and fast recovery, based on the underlying IT infrastructure and data structure.

Software Outsourcing / step 3: Development

Having a wide experience with various programming languages (C#, C++, Java, …) applied within different platforms (Windows MacOS, Linux, Mobile…) the Codespring software engineers team developed a specific approach towards selection of methods and technologies. We are proud to let you know that we are as versatile as firm, if imposed by the project. We are glad to develop software development process according to the V-Model, yet we are ready to shift any time to the Agile methodology, or unleash our „cowboys” software engineers to the XP (Extreme Programming) methodology. Quality is being closely monitored in any of the previous mentioned conditions.

Software Outsourcing / step 4: Quality Insurance

According to our Codespring Process Workflow, quality insurance is one of the major processes our organization is striving to deliver at optimum level. Primarily oriented to follow and apply SQA (Software Quality Assurance) principles for full software development life cycle, our team stepped further towards the implementation of TQM (Total Quality Management) systems with incidence upon all departments and activities. Whereas working on site, offshore or nearshore quality of developed software and application, as well as quality of customer service will be a priority.The Codespring Quality Insurance system stands on 7 pillars: QA testing teams, QMS (quality management systems), customer satisfaction surveys, certification, support, warranty and security. You can oversee each item at the specially assigned „Quality” section.