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Customer Assistance

Customer assistance is an operation that only trained teams can offer. We are glad to be one of those teams. Clients can hire us for three main types of customer assistance:

Technical Support

„Technical support” or „technical assistance” delivered as customer assistance consists in ensuring that users of the different software systems are continuously able to run properly the application and its features. The intervention team must take over any technical issue and act as a permanent troubleshooter for business and organizations IT systems. In some cases, support will include also a help desk which can be addresses by various users or training sessions for different user categories. Delivering customer assistance is part of obtaining customer satisfaction. Codespring procedures and quality standards state the necessity of providing adequate technical support. We can offer solutions on a constant contract basis, including a monthly fee or a system rewarding punctual technical interventions.

End User Training

End user training is a major step in deploying any software at the customers site. It may consist in multiple items such as: live training delivered on site for a designated team, user’s guide, training materials (booklets, leaflets, CD,DVD). An exemplification for any predictable situation, study cases and live practice are being led by a technical team. If necessary an official examination of all new users will be conducted. Codespring approach aims to meet any clients needs. Sometimes more training hours are needed, while sometimes it is enough to provide a user guide and to have few remote conferences. There is no perfect recipe, yet there is holistic approach where all types and forms of training is being delivered.

User Help Desk

User Help Desk is the next step after the end-user training is delivered. The Help desk has to deal with real issues and with perceived ones. According to the importance and magnitude of each communicated problem, human interface working at the desk is setting up a priority list and a difficulty level ranking. Some issues may be solved instantly, via a simple phone call, other have to be scheduled for specialized troubleshooting. Our team has organizational preparedness for any situation users may face. There is a first level help desk personnel, which gives most of the time nontechnical support or basic user support. And there is a second level help desk personnel, a technical team which does not have direct contact with clients and needs to analyze all possible solutions before sending it to the final users.