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IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

Reducing costs, keeping costs under control, optimizing productivity are just three of the main reasons why a number of companies are turning to IT outsourcing. Cluj is a location, easily accessible in the heart of Transylvania, Romania to outsource your IT department. Whether you are a small or middle sized company, or a „non-IT corporation” best way to optimize costs with IT is to hand it over to professionals that do this work 24/7. Troubleshooting, network administration, IT security, web-management, database management, technical support, application development is not causing headaches for your business any longer. You can focus on your Core Business while IT issues are being solved flawlessly.

Many times we were asked for various interventions, and many times we ended by constantly providing outsourced IT service for our clients. Good work ethics, highly skilled professionals and extremely communicative approach is the key of our success in relating with our customers. Once we have committed ourselves to an IT outsourcing contract you can be sure that things will be taken care of in way that you will be rewarded for your trust. Your access to talent, operational expertise and proven quality will turn into savings To make you choose Codespring for your provider of IT outsourcing in Cluj, let us share with you our technical readiness.

Our infrastructure provides an adequate environment for your servers’. We dispose of air-conditioned server room, redundant fiber optic that enables a broad band internet connection, secured physical access system, professional fire-protection equipment in order to provide the highest level of security for your servers and services.

Remote Management Services

Remote management allows persistent ,smooth supervision and maintenance on our clients’ network infrastructure. Through remote management your IT outsourcing team in Cluj is able to provide immediate and professional trouble-shooting. This enables qualified network specialists to assist all clients in real time. Remote management bridges geographical distances via internet, it brings the client closer, without the need to travel far distances. It is a service best ensured from our service center for outsourcing from Cluj. You can grant us direct access to your servers, provided the remote management cards are installed in your servers. This way we are able to deploy them and perform maintenance on them  from a distance, directly from our offices for outsourcing from Cluj, or even assist you with solving physical errors. We use several monitoring systems in order to prevent possible upcoming errors: these systems alert us well ahead a possible upcoming error is due to appear (munin, nagios, cacti, mom). We can get access to your network infrastructure via encrypted channels that were created with this specific purpose (openvpn, cisco vpn, ssh).

Remote Operational Assistance

Remote operational assistance makes possible prompt help for our clients whenever a problem occurs directly from our core outsourcing center in Cluj. We can come up with an accurate solution in response to the client’s needs and we can enter into the client’s system via secure connection upon the client’s request. Remote operational assistance is a tool to ensure that your business operates smoothly as they are ready to assist you to configure your system in the best way it serves your needs. This service is delivered from the outsourcing center in Cluj.We can acces the system at request, if any service permitting remote operations is deployed to your computers. (TeamViewer, LogMeIn, VNC, RDC). Please note that the whole process is done only through secure connection (vpn, ssh). No travel costs, no delays: our service center for outsourcing from Cluj is ready to promptly meet your demands and assist you whenever you face difficulties.