Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Mobile Development or Mobile Applications Development has gained a lot of space in our work shares. As many enterprise processes go mobile, the need for accurate and performing solutions is growing. During the application software development process we have to consider a great diversity of screen sizes, hardware specifications and configurations as mobile software is a very competitive ground and changes within each of the platforms are frequent.


The platforms on which we have been developing mobile applications vary from iOS and Android to Windows Phone.

Cross-platform development is a must nowadays. More and more customers are facing the need to cover the overwhelming diversity of environments where their applications will be used.

Programming Languages: Objective C, Java, C# and  cross platform: HTML5, CSS, Java Script

Technologies: iOS SDK, CoCoa, Android SDK, J2ME, BlackBerry SDK, Windows Phone SDK, OpenNetCF, Symbol Mobility SDK, Platform Builder, .Net CF 3.5, Phone Gap.

The Mobile Development Process

Mobile Applications Development has a set of particularities that make the process slightly different.

Due to the hardware specific characteristics there are a set of constraints that result into application design differences:

  • The UI (user interface) must be as simple as possible, must have a clear and an ergonomic design, since most smartphones use the touchscreen technology;
  • The development team must also take into consideration the use of the bandwidth;
  • Another important aspect is whether the app must run in no connectivity conditions;
  • Data security  is also a big steak on the overall development of mobile applications – the idea to foresee data recovery and protection in case the device is lost;
  • Consideration for all the hardware incorporated sensors will lead to enhanced performance;
  • Designing the app so that it can run in economic mode in order to save the battery is another key factor;
  • The number of users also affects the way a mobile application is being built; There are apps designed for several hundred thousands and apps designed for millions;
  • Updates via the application’s ecosystem must be carefully planned.

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