Software Development

Codespring has been developing software in Romania for international partners, since 17 years. In time, software made in Romania has become a powerful brand, a sign for quality and innovation. Software development is our core business. Achieving highest performances in full software development life cycle is our goal. Grasp some software development insights by each stage:

Project Definition

Also referred as „requirements analysis”, this stage will serve as a guide for the future system design. IT will dictate the testing methods and criteria. Should you be a specialized software company, you will benefit a second opinion with no charge. If you only know what to expect as a user from certain software, Codespring will „translate” these requirements, so that any communication barrier between software engineers and you will disappear. Execution qualities and evolution qualities will therefore be defined and fine-tuned by our team.

Selecting Methods & Technologies

Agreement on the optimal programming solutions will dictate the pace of development. Methods & methodologies as waterfall model, extended to the V-model, Agile Software Development model or XP (Extreme Programming) must be matched with the objective constraints: time, budget, access to resources. Choosing among technologies in terms of programming language, programming tools and platforms is crucial and will influence the final system design. Sometimes technologies will be imposed by the customer, sometimes the software engineer team will decide best.

Project planning

Well planned activities lead to excellent results and eliminate deviations in time. Relevant milestones and checkpoints will be set and drawn on the reference project plan. Time schedules, teams and specific tasks are to be designed and agreed. Any deviation will be notified and analyzed, leading to a dynamic adjustment of the plan. The stage is important both for the client and the engineers team for it is a final step in the contract and it organizes everybody’s resources (HR and financie).


Software engineers take ownership on their individual and collective tasks and deliver actual work. The more experienced they are, faster they deliver and prevent probable deviations. The quality is monitored through individual evaluation, team evaluation and client evaluation. Codespring has a nest of highly skilled programmers that run a system aimed to always improve. Challenge and fun are the keywords for qualitaty code. We love coding and that’s why implementing software at Codespring results in top performance.

Application maintenance

When deploying software at the beneficiary’s location, some problems in use may occur. The different origins request training and support or extra code. It may also include the addition of supplementary functional requests. Codespring provides quick response, issue monitoring system, justified options and time-effective solutions.

Quality Management System

QMS is critical for quality software delivered on time and on budget. We use the following: testing teams, certified products and software, customer satisfaction surveys, proper security systems, support and training, customized project management procedures. The governing principles are: 1) Defect free – a prerequisite of overall quality is quality at each preceding stage. 2) Simulations – effective in finding gaps and inconsistencies; the earlier you make the change, the smaller the risk of introducing new errors; 3) Right by design – prototyping and design simulations help obtain desired quality; fundamentals for the right design are the right project definition and adequate requirements analysis.