The process

Software Development in Romania has been undertaken in many innovative ways. The strengths of software development teams from Romania persist over the years and an increasing number of companies choose to foster their software development projects in Romania.

Software development > Romania > Transylvania > Cluj has become a short path towards successful partnerships. Today, Software development > Romania > Transylvania > Cluj > Codespring is the direct path to efficiency over the full software development life cycle.

As a leading software development team from Romania, Codespring has a specific approach towards software development. We hereby present you some insights of the process at each stage of development:

Business Requirements: In order to guide the design of a future system, documenting business requirements is critical. This step will help the team understands what needs to be done in order to deliver value.

Use Case Analysis: Understanding how interactions with a system will or should occur has a deep impact on the design of the system. Defining usability prepare the terrain for the entire development.

Estimation: The overall efforts of developing software must be estimated as accurate as possible. Several estimations techniques serve this process and all parties are aware of potential variations.

Architecture Design: Planning the actual software development process starts with setting the structures of the system. Next, low-level components and algorithms will take over.

Development: The core activity of any software development process is coding. The quality of the code is guaranteed by coding standards and code analysis system.

Integration: Integrating software components, units, subsystems has as objective the setup of  a functional system. The better the integration, the faster the system may be used.

Testing: Potential errors or deviations may be solved by: unit testing, integration testing, system testing, user acceptance testing, etc. The objective is to make sure that the system runs as expected.

Maintenance: Software Maintenance may focus either on adapting and perfecting the systems in use, either on correcting and preventing errors. Once this activity is planned, the team is ready for action.

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