Data Bases

Databases are key topic in almost any current project. It is important to know which type to select for a specific application.

There are 3 main Data Base types:

  • Relational (SQL) Data Base
  • Object Oriented Data Base
  • NOSQL Data Base

When and why use a certain DB type:

1) Relational (SQL) Data Base

  • When the project handles high volume, but well-structured and well defined Data
  • When you aim to develop a medium complexity suite of applications

Because Relational Data Bases:

  • improve interoperability
  • Provide access to widely accepted standards
  • Can process ad-hoc queries


2) Object Oriented Data Base

  • When a complex Data Model needs to be in the memory
  • When your Data is structured as a hierarchy or a graph (network) of arbitrary depth

Because Object Oriented Data Bases:

  • enhances execution speed
  • allows rapid search for object in the DB


3) NOSQL Data Base

  • When the project must handle Big Data
  • When the binary Data is diverse, not well structured and involves spatial coordinates

Because NOSQL Data Bases:

  • Are Schema less
  • Are suitable for RD (Rapid Development)


Most commonly used Data Bases:       

  • Relational: Microsoft SQL 2010, Oracle, Solid DB, Sybase, Postgres SQL, MySQL, Access
  • Object Oriented:Versant VOD
  • NOSQL: MongoDB

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