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HacKMK Cluj-Napoca a Cool Student Event

On the 23rd of March Codespring had the pleasure to support the  HacKMK 2.0  – 24h Hackathon organized by the Kolozsvári Műszakis Klub at Cluj Hub. Three challenges were given for the competing student teams and some really interesting workshops for the audience.

3 Challenges For A Hardware or Software Solution

The teams received a set of 3 subjects that need an innovative solution. Each team had to develop a hardware or software project that fits one of the given themes: Forge4Fun, Tech4Teaching, Sim4Safety.

The Forge4Fun challenge – was a general category (like game development, etc.)

The Tech4Teaching challenge – looked for solutions in learning/teaching fields

The Sum4Safety challenge – tackled security related solutions

Codespring Involvement

Codespring sponsored the event in order to foster creative solutions and to challenge students to get involved in more real-life related projects.

Codespring also had a representative in the jury team – our CTO, dr. Barabás László who is also actively involved in the Codespring Mentoring program and all academia cooperation related initiatives.

Our colleague Mátis Szilard – Software Developer at Codespring by Softech presented the session “Sensor monitoring using InfluxDB and Grafana” topic, an IoT related topic about how can we use the Influx database and the Grafana dashboard platform to monitor sensor information in real time.

“The Kolozsvári Műszakis Klub is a young team which organized the second edition of the HacKMK . They seemed good at it. With a friendly attitude, they managed to create a cool event even if they are still students! Well done!” – declared Mátis Szilard, software developer at Codespring.

Thank you everyone for the involvement in the event and watch our news feed for more cool events and programs!