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20 Years Codespring Anniversary Rock Party

Codespring, the friendly software development company from Cluj-Napoca, Romania hit the 20 years anniversary this year! We have been celebrating all year, but this November, we totally nailed it in style (!) with an awesome rock concert and party!

Oh, Wait! Why Rock?

Good question, isn’t it? Why in 2018, Codespring stages at its anniversary party one of the best Hungarian punk-rock bands of the region? Pointless to say that the core team is a total rock music fan. There is more to that.

We tried to bring back that feeling of a garage rock party, as the then 20 years old and something non-conformist mavericks founded the company. 20 years later, here they are, still enjoying hard rock and heavy metal concerts, still out for the adventure, still good friends and ready to play the bass guitars, the drums or simply to engage in simultaneous headbanging.

Rock is about freedom, about freethinking and about non-conformity to the status quo. We still believe that these principles define us and that is why we succeed in implementing crazy, yet beautiful ideas. Rock genre with its subgenres was the movement of a few generations and in Eastern Europe it gave power of expression for activists and all kind of people looking to revolutionize the way we have organized our communities.

Over more, punk-rock genre it is by definition anti-establishment and has all the features any disruptive thinker associates him or herself with.

Best Crowd. Best Rock Garage Party.

We might be a small team, but with all friends and partners, we made a total full house at Flying Circus in Cluj-Napoca! Great venue and great party spirit in the house. That plus an awesome rock band, is all you need for a memorable party.

Thank you for your authentic spirit and presence at the event. Without the team and its partners, the company could not possibly have arrived where it is today.


Long live and prosper Codespring team!