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September 2011: exploring Făgăraşi Mountains

As we have been riding the projects of 2011, time was there for making a halt and enjoying the team… – the ideal time for celebrating 2011 Codespring Day. Thanks to our HR department, between the 23rdand the 25th of September 2011, we found ourselves in the middle of an expedition in the Făgăraşi Mountains, 10 km away from the Bâlea waterfalls and 21 km away from the magnificent Bâlea Lake.

A nice autumn weather, in the mountains, with its intriguing morning fog made the landscape simply irresistible. There were options for both active and chill hikers, as the land was generous in spectacular settings and routes.

Captain’s log, Friday, the 23rd of September 2011:

Day of the great escape! At 13.00 p.m. everybody was ready for the road towards the final destination. After a long but nice drive, we reached the lodging chalet, in the evening. The welcoming was nice and the atmosphere cozy. Everyone got his room and sleeping place, and then we gathered for the dinner that we have been lusting for.

Captain’s log, Saturday, the 24th of September 2011:

Hard to believe, yet true (!) all teams were up for breakfast at about 10.00 a.m. Next, we split into two teams.

One team engaged in a larger trip towards Bâlea Lake, followed by Capra Lake and having Buteanu Peak (altitude: 2507 m) as final point.

For those who have curious minds, one should note that Bâlea Lake is one of the largest glacier lakes in Romania, situated at 2040 m in altitude, having a total area of 46,508 (4,65 ha) sqm and 11,35 m depth. Since 1932, the lake and 180 ha surroundings have been declared a „natural and scientifical reservation”. Higher in the Făgăraşi mountains, the Capra Lake is also a glacier lake situated at 2230 m. As a major attraction, Buteanu Peak is the 9th highest peak from Romania. Those of us who reached the top were so very proud of theirselves!

The second team, chose to take the trip around the Bâlea Lake and to enjoy outdoors activities like flying fox (tiroliana), rock climbing and bouldering – all prepared by a specialized team. The fog surrounding the lake made this experience spicier: we were sliding on the cords, without knowing exactly when it ends or where to it was going…  It was a healthy way to test our degree of aversion towards risk and uncertainty.

The day ended noisily around a camp fire, with lots of nice stories, jokes, tasty drinks and dancing.

Captain’s log, Sunday, the 25th of September 2011:

Since we just could not stop exploring these beautiful lands, on Sunday we put ourselves on the road again. This time, the final objective was the Bâlea waterfalls, the greatest waterfalls in stairs from Romania: 60 m free fall and 1200 m altitude. Some of us did climb the abrupt rocks of the waterfalls base, while the rest simply enjoyed the landscape.

Regretfully, there is always a time for returning to the city… Late in the afternoon, we quit our temporary camp and headed back to Cluj.

Open for more

The Transfăgărăşan adventure proved once again that Codespring team members are eager to explore and are ready for the challenge! It was that kind of experience that just keeps your appetite open for more adventures!