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2017 Summer Internship at Codespring

Students in software engineering, programming and information technology ought to stay always alert to technology change and development. Codespring team has been implementing one of the best internship programs in Cluj-Napoca and in the region for the last years. Welcoming students from the Faculty of Mathematics – Informatics from the Babeș – Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca and from the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science or the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, the team of mentors from Codespring have prepared this year too interesting topics and themes.

Main Topics of Codespring Summer Internship on Software Development

As announced in spring, a set of interesting research themes using updated technologies were established. The list below outlines the fields of application and the main technologies.

  1. Image processing and recognition using machine learning. (Python & Caffe)
  2. Audio recognition and classification using machine learning. (Python, Tensorflow, Mobile)
  3. Audio management and information retrieval for musicians. (Java, Spring, Angular)
  4. Organizational, management and tracking tool for recreational hobbyists. (Java, Spring, Angular, Mobile)
  5. Online platform for tracking certain types of professionals. (Java, Spring, Angular)

About a dozen of students were admitted in the programme in Cluj-Napoca and Odorheiu Secuiesc offices. The summer internship starts on 17th of July 2017 and will end by September 21, 2017.

What Should You Expect From an Internship Experience?

Former students and current proficient software engineers encourage you to follow some key elements:

  • Expect to be assigned with a main task or project that will benefit both the organization and your education
  • You should accomplish challenging (at the moment) but realistic responsibilities
  • You should develop professional competencies that will help you in your upcoming career
  • Put an effort in working as much as you can with experienced professionals and fin your mentor
  • Remind yourself that you landed an internship because you are willing to learn!

Keep in mind that at the end of this summer, you must be able to develop examples of things you have completed and you had a real impact on, and you must discuss about measurable results.

About the Goals of the Internship in Software Development

Most of our students and mentors are well aware of the need to set some goals before starting the internship programme. There are two types of goals: the goals of the projects and the goals of the people involved in them.

Make sure you understanding correctly what needs to be achieved in terms of deliverables and in terms of new competencies. When in doubt: ask your mentor or ask our HR professional.

Keep up the good work and let’s come back at the end of the Summer Internship at Codespring!