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A Codespring Christmas To Remember

Last Friday, Codespring teams were really happy to reunite and celebrate Christmas together. As a tradition, it is a time where families and friends are invited to have a special time singing Carols, exchanging memories and stories, getting to know each other better.

A little bit of tradition, a little surprise, some cool modern vibes and some real magic! These are the ingredients for a nice family evening at Codespring.

Christmas parties are usually nice, but this one was a night to remember! Let’s see why!

December 13: Saint Lucy’s Day

This year, kids and toddlers were absolutely on point with the Saint Lucy’s Day celebrations – the traditional Santa Lucia or Lucázás processions. It is celebrated exactly on the 13th of December in Italy, Hungary, Croatia, the Nordic countries and in some parts of the United States.

The main goal of this Saint Lucy Day is to bring the Light of Christ in our homes and lives.

Thank you very much for this special moment to all the children who prepared it!


Deadlock Debut Concert

For those familiar with stream processing, it may pop-up in their minds one of the famous problems of parallel computing: the Deadlock.  And yes, you are right! This is exactly the origin of the newest rock band at Codespring!

Szészi, Zola, Berta, Csaba and Tibi – all Codespring team members – set up a special show for the party and they literally rocked the stage! Living proof that technology meets art, that programming goes well with other passions!

Congratulations and we are waiting for the next concert!


Live Music for Christmas

After the debut concert, the next artistic moment, was brought by Miklós Gyuri and band! Amazing live songs delivered exquisetley for this special night.

Christmas Goodies and Lots of Fun

Of course, the essence of Codespring Christmas party is to have fun together – And that is what we did! We enjoyed the Christmas little surprise gifts and enjoyed the tasty traditional food and drinks. We ended the night dancing, singing and sharing stories from this fantastic 2019!

Thank you for being a part of our team and let’s make more projects and beautiful stories together!