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Automated Testing Training

Bug-free software? It seems utopic but you can get close to this goal if the testing processes are carefully planned and implemented with precision.  Enhance your automated testing skills for the new digital universe! Have fun while learning how to deliver high quality, exceptionally reliable software!

Codespring launches the Mentoring Program for 2018 with a new track:  Automated Testing Training. Intersted students are invited to send their applications by mid-May at



The Automated Testing Training will be held during the summer of 2018, upon mutual agreement with the enrolled students and trainers.

What’s in it for YOU?

#1 – You will learn how to deliver exceptionally reliable software

#2 – You will master the essentials needed to design effective testing

–    Quality Assurance

–    Static Code Analyzer

–    Automated Build

–    Automated Testing

–    DevOps, Docker, Pipelines, Continues Integration

–    Test Design

–    Automated Testing for Mobile

–    Automated Testing for Web

–    E2E with Selenium

#3 You will benefit both of theoretical preparation and hands-on exercises,

#4 Experienced trainers will help you progress and improve your skils!

#5 You can also grasp the opportunity to continue on a summer internship at Codespring

Duration: 3 weeks

You are invited to ask all your questions and to send your CV at

Applications are open by the middle of May 2018.

Hurry up and boost your superpower!


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