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Bits of Codespring Open Days 2014

Open Day

As previously announced, on the 21st of May 2014 – Codespring hosted a selected audience of blossoming professionals in the ITC sector. The Codespring Open Days event is already a tradition and we proudly acknowledge the students’ interest for meeting future potential employers. We thank everybody for their presence and we hope to meet them again in the future.

Following our agenda we gladly found out that the interest was quite high in the future jobs, internship opportunities and mentoring programs.  During the project presentations and the meeting with our managers an open QA session went on. The necessary skills and the way in which specific competencies must be acquired in order to start a career in software development were the hot topics.

Open Days 1Since answering what is the best course of action for a young professional is quite challenging, we can only present the opportunities that Codespring has to offer. Discussing with senior professionals is always a good idea and may give a different perspective. Over the years, we dropped to the conclusion that guiding students in their professional development is important for growing a sound IT community.  As we promote the concept of a united and collaborative ClujIT community, the partnerships with the Babes-Bolyai University and Technical University of Cluj-Napoca have proven a fundamental approach.

On the other hand, we appreciate the way in which the new generation – the so-called “Y generation” or “Millenials” – is raising the challenge: a new style of learning, different expectations, a dynamic thought process and a distinct attitude. As Codespring is also a “learning organization” not only it provides a learning environment but it also fosters research and development activities. Innovative projects can be implemented with a prepared mind and a fresh perspective!

To give a special touch to our Open Days Event in 2014, we closed the day with some delicious pizza, tasty refreshments and some fun activities.

With special thanks for all those who attended the event, keep watching the Career section and apply for the programs that suit you most!