Codespring at CeBIT 2014CeBIT 2014 closed on Friday, March 2014, with an impressive positive feedback from all stakeholders. “The revamped CeBIT has proven a complete success. Our sharp focus on business users really hit the mark,” said Oliver Frese, the Deutsche Messe Managing Board member in charge of CeBIT, at the closing press conference on Friday. “25 billion euros worth of business have been negotiated here at CeBIT, up by as much as 25 percent over last year’s figures.” Codespring and its fellow exhibitors from the RomaniaIT stand, appreciate CeBIT 2014 as a more target-oriented event, finely filtering the type of visitors attending the show.

aftershow-infographic-en_content_image_full_widthAccording to the end-of-show infographic published by CeBIT team “92 percent of all visitors were IT professionals. One in every three came from top management. More than 2,000 CIOs and other top decision-makers attended CeBIT 2014. Thus, the market share in this choice segment visitor has more than tripled. More than 25% of visitors came from abroad”.

For Codespring, the new look of CeBIT 2014 was a perfect match. B2B is our main business model and the dialogue with elite CTOs, CIOs or similar technology experts dominated our meetings.” – declared Levente Szelyes – Codespring CEO. “The C-Level program, the number and quality of trade visitors and the international participation lifted the overall caliber of the event. CeBIT remains one of our main internationalization platforms and we will continue to support ANIS (Romanian Employer’s Association of the Software and Services Industry) for such initiatives.

Starting with the traditional Opening Ceremony on March 9 and continuing with 5 full working days of exhibition, conferences and meetings from 10 to 14 March 2014, Codespring delegation found CeBIT as a great place to meet existing and potential partners, to showcase the company’s expertise and to promote its professional values. Daily guests and visitors had the chance to learn about Codespring, about Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca and the ClujIT cluster.

Not only did we discuss interesting projects and R&D endeavors, but we also had the chance to put on stage our vision at the new International Business Arena (IBA) Forum. Alongside Italy, India, Germany (as host country) and Holland (as future CeBIT partner country), Romania had a revealing mise-en-scène: the organizing entity of RomaniaIT, a software development and outsourcing company (us: Codespring), a global IT services nearshoring company and a turnkey solution provider.” said Walter Brem – Codespring COO. “The lead theme of “Datability” was very well treated and it opened the gates for future question marks, therefore for future solutions – a game where Codespring sees itself.” – he concluded.

The participation of Romanian companies at CeBIT 2014 is part of the Exports Promotion Program organized by the Romanian Employer’s Association of the Software and Services Industry (ANIS), in partnership with the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment (MECMA) and the Romanian Center for Trade Promotion and Foreign Investment (CRPCIS). This year, Romania was represented by the following companies: Accessa, Agilio Soft, Ambo Software, BeeNear, Codespring, Greensoft, High-Tech Systems Software, IT Six Global Services, Lasting Software, Nexus Electronics, Pentalog Romania, Romsoft, Ropardo and Stefanini Romania.

The next CeBIT will be staged from 16 to 20 March 2015 and we hope that Romania will once again be present at the number 1 IT event in the world.