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CeBIT 2017 – Codespring’s Review

March 27: Codespring software and development team attended another successful CeBIT edition in March 2017. Marked by the d!gital economy theme, the impressive IoT section and the influence of Japan as a partner country for the edition, the exhibition had a different skin. The scene-stealers were the drones, the friendlier robots, the impressive smart homes and those smart cars that set the audience in a state of awe!

Romania for the 18th time at the leading technology fair in Europe CeBIT

Kindly supported by the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Foreign Affairs, Romania attended for the 18th time CeBIT within the frame of the State Financed Export Programme for information technology services and software development activities.

ARIES – The Romanian Association for Electronics and Software was the organizer of the national stand. It gathered a set of 30 selected Romanian companies from various regions: Accesa, Altom, Ambo Software,  Arrow,  Beenear, Computaris,  Arobs, Dapredi, Doc Process,  Safe Fleet, Greensoft, Gnome,  HPM, Hipgnosis, InSoft,  IT Six, Magnasci,  Nexus Electronics, Pentalog Romania,  Qubiz, Rinf, Recognos,  Railsoft, Syncsys, Ropardo,  RMS, Softech, Zynk Software.

The Romanian delegation displayed both technology services and products, attracting more than 1234 visitors during the entire exhibition.

The Peak of our CeBIT Week: The Romanian Night

The good old tradition of welcoming guests with traditional food and wine was yet another successful event.  About 120 persons attended the Romanian Night at CeBIT 2017. Guests from 15 countries found Romanian cuisine and winery rich and inspiring. Local flavors offered by the exhibiting teams from Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Brașov, Iași, Bucharest and Sibiu gave a colorful touch for these friendly events.

Special Focus on Disruptive Technologies

What set apart the look and feel of CeBIT 2017 was the Innovation and Research & Development area, the startups area and featured events. Japan companies revealed the new digital shape of this country and shook up the audience with robust solutions, astonishing products incorporating the lastest technologies.

Back to Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania

Filled with new ideas, enriched with new connections and after a few sucessful meetings, Codespring team returned to Transylvania, in the home city of Cluj-Napoca. On the following days we will feature a few novelties on what triggered our thinking at CeBIT 2017.

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