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Cluj Future of Work / Conference 2019

Under the frame of the Urban Innovation Action in Cluj-Napoca, on the 5th of December 2019, the City’s Cultural Center hosted an interesting conference called Cluj Future of Work. The local Cluj IT community and technology clusters were present at the event, showcasing the researches and forecast on the future work force landscape in Cluj region. The event was facilitated by the Cluj-Napoca City Hall and implemented with local partners.


After a brief presentation of the CLUJ FUTURE OF WORK presentation in the beautiful hall of Centrul de Cultura Urbana Casino, the participants were invited to split in three main working groups in the Silicon Forest building. Three topics were tackled during these work sessions: Informal work, Cultureprenurs and Work 4.0.

Informal Work Workshop

This group had to focus on the studies about informal work practices detected in Cluj region and what projects were set as a priority by the local community.

Culturepreneurs Workshop

This focus group was about exploring the main technologies that can support film and design professionals. Over more, an outlook on the 2020 accelerator program for cultural and creative industries in Cluj-Napoca was a hot topic!

Work 4.0 Workshop

This work group was analyzing the research on the impacts of automation and digitization in Cluj regional ecosystem. The discussions were exploring the key technologies able to support professional re-conversion and the key tools able to support local companies to make sure their employees will be ready for the economy of the future.

In the end, the co-design Deep Dives session was about mapping similar challenges, aspirations and resources with other UIA cities and international practices. The conclusions were centered around how can we as a local Cluj community make the 3 scenarios work for a common vision.

Codespring is an active member of the local IT community and salutes the initiatives oriented towards the future of work in our local ecosystem. But, as we know it from experience, you have to visit Cluj and work with people from this region in order to truly experience the local values and cultures.  

We have been delivering software development services for the global market in the last 21 years and at Codespring we understand the importance of a solid common ground. Based on the latest technology advances and the speed at which they occur we encourage proper IT education  for this new era.