Cluj Innovation Days 2016

Cluj IT community is steadily developing into a consolidated innovation center. Consequently, the local cluster ClujIT continues with a new edition of the Cluj Innovation Days event series. The event will take place between the 31 March – 1 April 2016 and will be hosted by the University of Medicine and  Pharmacy Iuliu Hatieganu Cluj-Napoca, Romania. This time the main topic is the digital future of the medicine and the governance.

Initiated in 2013, Cluj Innovation Days (CID) is an annual event organized by Cluj IT Cluster aiming at consolidating the IT sector and creating new innovation based bridges among businesses, academia and the public sector.

Cluj Innovatiopn Days 2016 as the 4th edition of the conference, focuses on two main topics, medicine and governance, as two of the most pressing issues of the modern society and of our digital future. Spreading over two days the conference program will include presentations and workshops designed to explore current trends, new approaches and innovative solutions in Digital Medicine and Digital Governance.

More than 400 participants are expected to attend the event: representatives of the Romanian Government and of the European Commission, members from the Academia, but also businesses and business organizations from Romania and abroad interested in the topics we propose with this year’s edition of Cluj Innovation Days.

Digital Governance at Cluj Innovation Days

In this age of rapid technology advancement the act of governing has become more transparent and performant. However adoption of technology, although desired, is lagging, especially in countries where administration is still very much centralized. During the two days of Cluj Innovation Days 2016 the speakers will be showcasing solutions that can significantly contribute to improving the way in which governance caters to the challenges of our modern society.

Digital Medicine at Cluj Innovation Days

Digital medicine has emerged in the last years as one of the fastest growing interdisciplinary sectors, right at the intersection of technology and medicine, creating both opportunities, but also moral questions. The conference explores the multifaceted character of Digital Medicine by bringing together policy makers, practitioners and users to contribute to a better understanding of how digital medicine is already or is going to affect our lives.

More on this upcoming event, will be available in the after event press release.