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Cluj Innovation Days 2017 / 5th Edition

Cluj Innovation Days (CID) the yearly event organized by Cluj IT Cluster for the consolidation of the IT sector and the creation of new innovation based bridges among businesses, academia and the public sector, has closed its 5th edition on the 31st of March 2017. Cluj-Napoca, this vibrant city of Transylvania in Romania is sparrowing up as one of the major R&D and Tech poles of Eastern Europe. The event was hosted by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the prestigious Babeș-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca.

CID in Numbers

In trend with major conferences and seminars across Europe, the main topic was Digital Economy. The 2 day event included presentations and workshops that immersed the audience in the welmth of current trends, perspectives and discoveries related to Digital Economy.

Over 400 attendees turned the event in one of its most successful editions: representatives of the Romanian Government , European Commission members, Academia representatives, but also businesses and business organizations from the country and abroad were actively involved in the conference.

CID Relevancy for Cluj-Napoca

 The conference was relevant for its three main topics: Digital Economy, National Agendas and the Prerequisites.

As stated by the organizers, digital economy is growing fast, acropss all activities and economy branches. However, barely 2% of European businesses use the advantages of digitization.

The macro-issue of National agendas is a hot topic: the digital country agendas set forth the frame for digital economies as drivers for innovation, inclusive growth and decentralization.

The discussion then goes around the mandatory prerequisites for the actual implementation of digital economies: infrastructures, accessibility and fair pricing, security and reliability, privacy, and digital education.

Should you be willing to learn more about Cluj-Napoca ecosystem in terms of technology, digitization and IT, you are welcome to set direct contact with specialized teams, active in the sector, such as Codespring.