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Cluj Innovation Days 2019

Cluj Innovation Days 2019 was an event dedicated to innovation, to cross-industry and cross-sector cooperation, to new business models and partnerships. This conference is not an IT event, but technology always raises the bard when speaking about innovation. 2019 Cluj Innovation Days edition was held during the 30th and 31st of May and was hosted by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca.

Cluj Innovation Days 2019 Key Questions

The key questions proposed by the two days 2019 Cluj Innovation Days conference were:

  • The prospects in a context where technology seems to overtake everything
  • How to take advantage of the main digital transformation process?
  • Is cultural change a necessity in the digital era?
  • Where to insert our skills and knowledge?
  • Are we ready to tap into the potential of international markets?
  • What are some new competitive advantage areas?

Cluj Innovation Days 2019 Panel Talks

The panel talks were guided around the following themes: coping with the digital future, humans role in the future economy, the digital transformation and the importance of technology and other factors, entrepreneurship and new Business Models, new public health systems and models. Another great aspect of the conference was the effort to identify solutions for the internationalization, innovation and development of intellectual property and means to really own a culture of innovation here in Cluj-Napoca.

The Cluj innovation Days End of Conference Report

With an amazing lot of 39 speakers form private and public sector, two effective conference days and more than 400 participants, the 2019 Cluj Innovation days was an important step in the history of the event.


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