Excellent news from Codespring, Transylvania, Romania! Along with the expansion of our software development team network across Transylvania, we have launched customized Codespring Mentoring Programs in Cluj-Napoca and Târgu-Mureș. Why? Because it is more effective to get an initial acceleration of your software development career while being close to a mentor and a real team.

On October 28, we gave a knowledgeable boost to the new generation of software developers! Yupi! Both offices – Cluj-Napoca and Târgu Mureș – hosted the student groups selected for the 2022/2023 Codespring Mentoring Program.   A total of 22 students successfully passed the selection process. Our fresh mentees study at UBB (Babeș-Bolyai University) in Cluj-Napoca and at Sapientia University in Târgu-Mureș!

What’s in the Codespring Mentoring Program for the students based in Cluj-Napoca?

Amazing stuff! In order to become a full-stack software developer in the first half of the year study, the students enrolled in Cluj-Napoca Codespring Mentoring Program will go through the follwing topics:

  • Shared version tracking systems: GIT
  • Online platforms for version tracking systems: GitLab
  • Multi-layer application architecture, Abstract DAO Factory design pattern
  • Multi-layer applications: accessing relational databases, related APIs
  • Introduction of build and dependency management tools
  • Build and dependency management tools for complex projects: deployment, multimodule projects, QA tasks
  • Exception handling and logging in multi-tier architectures
  • Configuration mechanisms and use cases: profiling, internationalization and localization
  • Security mechanisms, runtime dynamic operation: reflection, annotation processing, data generation

With such a beautiful knowledge base, the student group will continue with more interesting topics, as follows:

  • Development of enterprise applications: library vs. framework, the Dependency Injection
  • Component management: IoC containers, automated profiling and configuration
  • Web services: introduction and RESTful web services
  • Web services additions: Mapper/DTO sample, data validation
  • Persistence: object-relational mapping, ORM frameworks, relationships between entities
  • Persistence: automatic data access layer generation
  • Authentication and security in enterprise applications
  • Cloud introductory concepts, Azure services: Computing services Storage, Databases.

What’s in Codespring Mentoring Program for the students based in Târgu-Mureș?

Amazing stuff,  again! In order to become a junior developer, the students enrolled in the Târgu-Mureș Mentoring Program will have to cover the following subject in their first half of the study year:

  • Shared version tracking systems: GIT
  • Enterprise applications development: introduction to .NET
  • .NET and C# elements, object oriented elements
  • Component management, Dependency Injection
  • .NET enterprise applications, data processing using LINQ, asynchronous programming
  • Introduction of Asp.NET Web Api framework. Creation of a “case study” project
  • Web services: RESTful web services
  • Persistence: object-relational mapping, ORM frameworks, automatic data access layer generation

When all the above will be covered, the students will continue with a new learning set:

  • Architecture design elements. Multi-layered architecture
  • Architecture structural model and recommendations
  • Update of the “case study” project based on an architectural model
  • Web client role and JavaScript, ECMAScript concepts
  • Asynchronous, Reactive programming, using ECMAScript
  • Web client frameworks, libraries: Web client architecture structure (Angular)
  • Components of a web client: Components (Angular)
  • Events and web elements management and update (Angular)
  • Transition and communication between web client components and pages (Angular)
  • Cloud introductory concepts, Azure services: Computing services Storage, Databases.
  • Using Azure App Service and automatic installation of the “case study app”

The Boosters of the Next Software Development Generation in Transylvania

In order to be future-ready, especially in the information technology sector,  preparation starts as early as possible. This is something that we have learned probably the hard way, nevertheless we, at Codespring – Softech Transylvania are here to help the young generation have a smooth passage from the university environemnt to the actual work force environment!

What are the main benefits of these IT career booster programs?

  • What you learn is what you practice
  • You get an intial specialization
  • You enter in a valid professional netwok
  • You might actually get a real job

Consequently, it is totally up to you to turn this opportunity in a success story!

Our team at Codespring, has been planting the seed for quality software development work for more than two decades already and we are decided to continue on this mission. Therefore, it remains only to wish our dear students to stay focused, learn well and turn this program in the launch pad for a brilliant career!