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Cluj-Napoca IT Days 2019

The 7th edition of the local Cluj-Napoca IT Days 2019 was a new opportunity to connect, network and get in touch with hot topics of the global IT industry. Two days spent in the realms of software development and information technology with 71 speakers, 28 corporate and institutional partners, more than 1000 participants – all in the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca.

This 2019 IT Days agenda covered challenging topics such as: products and leadership, programming, research, innovation, HR and business, industry 4.0, DevOps, testing, software architecture.

  • The programming track raised our interest with its Blockchain and stream processing debates and wrokshops.


  • The research track put a spotlight on major themes related to autonomous driving, AI, private industry and academy collaboration.


  • The main panel talks focused on the rising convergence between Arts & technology on one hand, and accelerated AI powered innovation,


As a corollary of this event, the annual Today Software Magazine Awards was the moment to recognize excellence in the local software development and IT community.


Codespring has been a part the Cluj IT Community since its foundations , back in the late 90’s and we have witnessed many industry cahnges and important steps. On the occasion we congratulate Today Software Magazine’s  initiave to set up the Cluj-Napoca IT Days event. It is important for the local software development and IT community to connect, interact and bring on its stage important personalities from the field.