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Cluj Software Development at CeBIT 2018

Cluj software development community has been rapidly growing and setting a new trend for the Eastern European market. It is about quality and reliability more than about costs of contracting a Cluj software development team. Along with the changing IT industry, Cluj software development companies witnnessed  a CeBIT engaged in a deep transformation. The 11 – 15 June week led to opinion divergencies on the future of CeBIT fair between attending exhibitors and visitors.

CeBIT 2018: a Tech Festival Where Cluj Software Development Featured the Power of Local Creativity

Our Cluj software development community attended CeBIT 2018 under the National Romanian Pavilion flagship. Romania IT stand was represented by 29 romanian companies, from which 7 based in Cluj-Napoca, the heart of Transylvania. Thanks to ARIES Romania – The Romanian Association for Electronics and Software, the stand in Hall 15, Stand A30 was placed near the NextTech area at CeBIT 2018.

Cluj software development community is known for its technical capabilities, creative resources and know-how in developing award winning software solutions – stand-alone or integrated in broader global solutions.

Cluj software development and Cluj IT Services companies represent 10% of the national povider market and produce 12.8% of the total domestic IT market turnover. What sets Cluj software development center apart is the nature of services provided and the weight of start-ups on the local market: 30%. It is thus more clear why Cluj-Napoca ranks well in creative software services and products.

Codespring by SOFTECH is already a mature cluj software development team with 20 years of track record, but with a constantly fresh entrepreneurial spirit.

Cluj Software Development Services Matched CeBIT 2018 Trends

At CeBIT 2018 a few technology trends emerged from the digital event: AI, robotics, IoT, future mobility, blockchain, drones and unmanned systems. Cluj software development representatives were on top of these trends with pertinent offerings and services.

  1. Artificial intelligence – One of the key AI systems developers from Cluj-Napoca was our Codespring by SOFTECH company. AI development is rising among Cluj software development providers as it is the next step of IT systems. The self-learning systems. For AI solutions with 360-degree output for complete processes we are open for discussion.
  2. Robotics – Fellow companies from the Cluj software development pool and Codespring presented programming capabilities for robots interface as well as software systems development for an Industry 4.0 production setting.
  3. Internet of Things – Already at the core of our next gen tech powered production and home systems, Cluj software development center is the home for European wide IoT systems. Codespring by SOFTECH has its share of this special pie and we were proud to feature a set of IoT industrial apps and systems.
  4. Future mobility – as we get closer and closer to the autonomuous driving times, Cluj software development showcased a few projects and apps from its aggregated portfolio related to car automation, in-car communications and entertianment. Possibilities are infinite, yet there exists a strong foundation on which projects can be developed.
  5. Blockchain – since this technology is suitable for secure data transmission in the IoT world, for trading and property sharing Cluj software development teams put forth adapted skills and capabilities to further develop blockcahin related solutions.

Working with Cluj Software Development Companies

After a successfull meeting or stand visit at CeBIT 2018, in Hannover, we invite those who were interested in cluj software development to initiate contact with Cluj-Napoca companies, associations and business organizations. We know Cluj- Napoca is now a very appealing city, but there is plenty to learn about it and its culture.

At Codespring, you are welcome to write or call us when you have a question or detailed specifications on which to start a discussion. It is also recommded that you visit this picturesque city of Eastern Europe, in Transylvania, Romania.

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