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Codespring at Bathory IT and Print Days

Last weekend, Codespring team has joyfully joined one of the most renowned high schools in Cluj-Napoca for an interesting conference & workshop event – Bathory IT and Print Days 2019. Yes, it is about high school students and their parents and yes, we consider it very important to participate in the pre-college formation years. The rationale for this approach has this underlying principle of continuous learning and setting the right foundations.


Bathory IT and Print Days 2019  in a Wrap

  • Over 250 participants (students / pupils and professors) attended Bathory IT and Print Days 2019. The event welcomed 17 local partner companies, among which we counted also Codespring (Softech ltd).
  • There was an interesting round table with 4 speakers and more than 25 professors and teachers interested in the topic of changing the current education system.
  • The main conference featured 12 speakers, among them our dynamic CTO – dr. Lászlo Barabás, and attracted more than 100 participants!
  • The students were engaged in dynamic 17 workshops on various topics related to the latest IT and print technologies.
  • The exhibition area showcased 8 stands with plenty of interaction for the public – teenagers and adults.


Codespring participation at Bathory IT and Print Days 2019

Codespring Mentoring Programme Presentation

We are proud and glad that our team could be present among the young generation and their tutors. As some of you may know we have been rolling our Codespring Mentoring Programme since late 2010 / early 2011.  It was a pleasure to share the story about how high school students can get ready for enrollment in this super program in their 1st college year.

IoT workshop for students

Our fantastic team made of Roland Nagy and Mátis Szilárd have prepared a fun and interesting workshop in the Internet of Things topic. We were glad to be able to answer interesting questions from high school students and to discuss what are the current trends in the field.

Conference Speech Delivered by our CTO

In order to get closer to the teachers and the parents present at the Báthory IT and Print Days 2019, our colleague dr. Lászlo Barabás – Codespring CTO, has explained how a private company from Cluj-Napoca may offer a consistent career development environment, how we perceive education in the IT industry and why it is important to have a functional ecosystem.

Event Review

From Codespring’s perspective, as an event partner and an education program supplier, we found the format of the event very attractive and useful. We congratulate the organizers for such a well deployed event and we are glad to have been a part of it!

More information on our Codespring Mentoring Programme may be found here: //

For more information on career opportunities and career paths in the software development field, namely with Codespring team, please refer to our HR department