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Codespring at #MWC2017: Elemental.

It is the 5th time in a row, that our delegates represent Codespring at the largest mobile event in the world: Mobile World Congress 2017 (#MWC2017). In our understanding, attending #MWC is elemental for mobile developers. It is the one of the few shots when we get to connect with peer international mobile development teams and discuss about technology trends with researchers, experts and technology development leaders.

Codespring’s Focus at #MWC2017

As a seasoned software development team from Cluj-Napoca, Codespring’s focus at #MWC2017 is that of establishing partnerships for complex mobile and crossplatforms applications. The verticals in which we have been growing experience are: power and energy , finance and banking, professional video streaming, industrial automation, virtual construction, media and entertainment, home automation.

At high demand the software solutions for home automation, car automation, industrial plants automation are definetely Codespring’s favorite subjects. An important stake in the matter has to deal with security and identity management issues.

Codespring’s Mobile Development Expertise

The platforms on which we have been developing mobile applications are native iOS, Android and cross-platform. Due to broad connectivity, device heterogeneity and different end-use, our customers are facing the need to cover the overwhelming diversity of environments where their applications will be used.

The proposed programming languages are: Objective C, Java, C#.

Technologies: iOS SDK, CoCoa, Android SDK, J2ME, BlackBerry SDK, Windows Phone SDK, OpenNetCF, Symbol Mobility SDK, Platform Builder, .Net CF 3.5, Phone Gap.

 Meeting Codespring at #MWC2017

Powered by our main company, Codespring representatives are open for meetings during #MWC2017 and featured events, or via the b2b matching platform:

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