Today, 15th of May 2012 and tomorrow, 16th of May 2012, Codespring will meet you at TDC (Targul de Cariere) 2012 spring edition. Location: Casa de Cultura a Studentilor , Cluj-Napoca (Cluj-Napoca Students Hall). Fresh jobs, fresh approach – everything to make you find out more about us and our way of working. You are welcome to visit us at our stand and to leave your CV each day between 10.00 a.m. and 04.00 p.m.

What should you look at?

This time, Codespring has structured a customized program for any of you! Our organization is growing day by day and we want to make sure that everyone fits well in the structure.

For Students: You are a software development enthusiast and want to find your way in the industry? Codespring offers you the opportunity of attending a specialized Internship or to prepare your thesis under the mentorship of our experts.

For Junior Software Developers: You are just starting a career in software development? Codespring may be the right place to master the basics and grow the expert in you. Find more about the current opportunities at our stand.

For Expert Software Developers: You have already hands-on experience in software development and you master well your knowledge? We want to hear from you. At Codespring you will be able to add work experience and to grow to the next level. Check the offer and the opportunities at our stand.

For Leader Software Developers: You are an expert and are good at motivating and managing people? Maybe it’s time to deploy your skills and focus on this side of the software development process. Codespring offers you the environment to grow, shift roles and challenge yourself. Check our offer and opportunities at the stand.

For Software Architects: You grasp easily the big picture and have experience in building system architectures? Codespring has a special program for you too. Find out more about opportunities for a software architect career at our stand.

All roles are important for us, therefore please take your time in checking each job description and the way we understand work at Codespring.

Tips for a successful meeting at the fair remain the same:

  • Prepare your updated Résumé;
  • Bring a few hardcopies with you;
  • State your career objective;
  • Note all your hard and soft skills;
  • If you have already targeted your desired company, prepare a customized “Letter of Intent” to leave at the stand;
  • Prepare some questions for the HR representatives;
  • …and most important: be fresh and friendly!

 Codespring is actively looking for talented people to join its team. It’s up to you to stand out and leave a good impression.

Meet you at TDC!